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Making Olives and Other Family Secrets, by Darlene Madott

When Darlene Madott casts her line, you can’t help but bite and allow her powerful writing to reel you in. Sometimes slowly, at first, but with a crescendo that keeps you hooked.


Random Thoughts - by Marisa de Franceschi

The short prose sketches in this collection express the often complicated feelings we have for sons, daughters, husbands, sisters, friends, and the world at large. The sketches are sometimes light hearted and whimsical, but they can also be poignant expressions of disappointment, disbelief, and distaste for what the writer has witnessed.

The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange: Creative and Critical Works - Edited by Licia Canton

The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange is a remarkable collection of critical essays and creative works – short stories, poetry, and drama – in English, French and Italian.

Maples & Chestnuts, A Memoir - by Rosetta Rosati

Through a sequence of short stories, poems and creative non-fiction pieces, Rosetta Rosati recounts her family history spanning three generations in Italy and Canada.


Writing Beyond History: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry - edited by Licia Canton, Delia De Santis, Venera Fazio

Writing Beyond History is the literary expression of thirty contemporary writers who share a connection to Italy as an inspiration for their craft.

Almond Wine and Fertility, 2nd Edition - by Licia Canton

Almond Wine and Fertility, a lyrical and moving collection, showcases Licia Canton's ability to craft entire worlds out of just a few pages. This new edition of Almond Wine and Fertility includes a foreword by literary critic Joseph Pivato.

Penance is for the Weak - by D.C. Iannuzzi

In this sequel to City of Sinners, D.C. Iannuzzi confirms his shameless devotion to the film noir genre, weaving a tale of corrosive greed, blind ambition and ruthless retribution.

A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood by Aldo Nazarko

At its heart, A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood by Aldo Nazarko is a love letter from one man to his father – full of forgiveness, shining with joy, and brimming with tender gratitude.


Conspicuous Accents: Accenti Magazine's Finest Stories of the First 10 Years - edited by Licia Canton

This collection, comprised of the work of 35 authors, gathers in book form the best short stories published in Accenti Magazine since 2003 – a must-have volume for anyone who loves to read short fiction!

Giovanni's Journey - by Osvaldo G. Zappa

In this memoir, reality, history and imaginative narrative alternate frequently. It recounts the life-story of a boy in war-torn Italy and, later, his life as an immigrant in Canada.

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