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Lives Entwined by Michael Carrino

Wet Cats in Light Clothing

by Tania Zampini


Vestiti Leggeri (Light Clothing) is the title of I Gatti Mézzi's fifth album, and fans do by now expect irony from the Pisan band – delivered, as well, in their recent international tour –Vestiti leggeri, anche d'inverno (light clothing, even in the winter). They expect it because I Gatti Mézzi don't play hard rock, jazz, blues, or pop; they play clever.

The band's rich original compositions can be defined cohesively only by one other word: local. Two Pisan natives, pianist, vocalist, and occasional whistler Tommaso Novi and guitarist Francesco Bottai, formed the band in 2005 to indulge their musical affinities and to present audiences with a sincere, unadulterated, and at times ironic version of the Pisa that raised them.  More...

Lives Entwined by Michael Carrino

Lives Entwined

by Michael Carrino


“Why this story?” They are the first words of Sebastiano's Vine by Carmelo Militano (Ekstasis Editions, 2013), and the first words uttered by the main character and narrator, Michael Filo. It is a question that may have many answers, or no answer at all – a question that brings clearer meaning to a life, or it does not. For readers it is the journey, the exploration of Michael Filo's life, that will matter. It is the journey we are all taking.

     Sebastiano's Vine is a story of desire, rebellion, betrayal and guilt evoked through the memories and reflections of Michael Filo, born in Italy and come to manhood in the cold light of Winnipeg, as he attempts to make sense of his life. It is a life spun from the delicate threads of what is known, and unknown, spoken and unspoken – a life where the past and present entwine, bound by family traditions, both embraced and rebelled against. More...

Surviving the Digital World by Domenic Cusmano

Surviving the Digital World

by Domenic Cusmano


The last decade or so has witnessed the disappearance of many print publications. Many others have seen their paid subscriptions and circulation drop dramatically. This is the case for Accenti, having reduced our print run from a peak of 35,000 copies to 5000 in 2012. While the difficult economy over the last few years is surely a determining factor in consumer spending, radical changes in technology are probably the main cause of such a disruptive shift. Certainly, the digital publication world is on the rise. Digital tablets such as the iPad and eReaders such as the Kobo and the Kindle allow consumers to instantaneously “stockpile” and access hundreds of digital books and magazines all at once with a few clicks. More...

Rocky Roads: Northern Italy's Jewish Heritage by Deborah Rubin Fields

Rocky Roads: Northern Italy’s Jewish Heritage

by Deborah Rubin Fields


Mountain Jews in the Italian/Austrian Alps? The Tyrol region is not immediately associated with Jews or Jewish history. Yet surprisingly, the area encompassing the magnificent Dolomite Mountains has had a Jewish presence. In fact, no less breathtaking than the landscape of this UNESCO World Heritage property is the post-Emancipation history of the Jews who passed through this part of the world.

Emancipation might be defined as the key in the lock. Certainly, the 1870 emancipation of Italian Jews and the 1867 emancipation of Austro-Hungarian Jews tooled their great advancement in the professions and in public life. More...

Did the Toronto Maple Leafs Discriminate Against Italian Players? by Frank Giorno

Did the Toronto Maple Leafs Discriminate Against Italian Players?

by Frank Giorno


For many hockey fans, the 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of NHL hockey. Before expansion, in the era of the “six original teams,” the league was dominated by the likes of Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Jean Beliveau, and Bobby Orr. A good number of Italian names stood out as well: Phil Esposito, Alex Delvecchio, Lou Angotti, Eddie Giacomin. All came from Ontario, yet none of them – and virtually no other Italians – ever played for the Toronto Maple Leafs! In hindsight, and as a hockey fan growing up in Toronto – where so many Italian immigrants had chosen to settle – this situation struck me as nothing short of odd. More...



Current Issue

Accenti Accenti 30, Winter 2014


Issue date: December 1, 2013


Crossing Cultures

Crossing Cultures

by Susan Safford


We're waiting to catch a train to Venice, four of us: my husband and I, our son and daughter-in-law. More...

À Guerino Capobianco (1925-2007)

by George Elliott Clarke


Self-exile of Sicily—
Cement craftsman, concrete friend—
Your sweat blueprinted this city:
Subway, skyscraper, streets without end.

The Silence

The Silence

by Delia De Santis


The sound of sirens is coming closer and closer when I rush into Mr. Vanú's office. I don't know what I am saying. I just know I am speaking, babbling. More...

Tradition by Dorothea Helms


by Dorothea Helms


Josephine pats her hand against her blouse, just below her collarbone, and feels for the circle of hope camouflaged by the lacy bodice fabric. More...

The Anthropology of Fire by Eufemia Fantetti

The Anthropology of Fire

by Eufemia Fantetti


Monday, 9 a.m. Not writing.
Dim, dreary morning, the forecast calls for rain. The writer stands at the window.



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Lights of Bari Vecchia, Bari (Italy), by Giorgio Tinelli - Grand prize winner of the 2014 Accenti Photo Competition.



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