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The Good Country Index: A New Way of Looking at the World

The Good Country Index: A New Way of Looking at the World

by Giulia De Gasperi



The answers to such questions can be found in the results of a recent study titled The Good Country Index, first announced at the TED Summit in Berlin on June 23rd of this year. The brains behind this project are those of Simon Anholt, an independent policy advisor and honorary professor at the School of Political, Social and International Studies at the University of East Anglia (UK), and of Robert Govers an indep­endent advisor for national, regional and city government admin­istra­tions, SCHOLAR, author and speaker.

Using 35 reliable datasets gathered from the United Nations and other international organizations...  More

The Culinary Word on the Street

The Culinary Word on the Street

by Tania Zampini


“Street Food” is a buzzword that has taken over North American urban settings in the past five years. Every city claims trendsetter status, but few remember that behind every food truck – and its chef – is the legacy of a cross-cultural inheritance.

In Italy, the only thing older than “street food” is a homemade meal. And in Italy, despite every stereotype surrounding the rhythm of daily life – don’t Italians take really long lunch breaks? It must be so nice to picnic in a piazza on your lunch hour – getting food on-the-go is always a popular option, and not just for tourists.

The type of street food you find in Italy will depend on the city hosting you, and it will almost never come out of a food truck. When in Rome (and doing as the Romans do), picking up a Roman pizza or pizza...  More

The Marriage of Digital and Print

The Marriage of Digital and Print

by Alexis Chouan


Digital media are no longer a novelty, yet in the publishing industry, paper still struggles to reconcile with emerging technologies. Whether embraced or resisted, digital publishing is here to stay. Facing ever dropping numbers of books and magazines in circulation, publishers must find new ways to incorporate digital media in distribution.

A new collection by Presses de l'université de Montréal (PUM), entitled Parcours Numériques, offers a reflection on the ongoing digital transformation of our world. With over 20 contributors, the collection consists of a series of books, each addressing issues and offering solutions to understand digital media in our society. This series is not only innovative in ideas but in form, with each book appearing in print, and also in e-book format... More

TCBF – Treviso Comics Festival Takes Off

TCBF – Treviso Comics Festival Takes Off

by Giulia De Gasperi


Treviso’s Comic Book Festival, or TCBF, now in its eleventh year, has established itself as one of the most important and popular comic book festivals in Italy and beyond, attracting artists, publishing companies, and fans from all over the world. This year the festival runs from September 24th to 28th, with a preview scheduled for September 20th. According to TCBF organizing committee member Alberto Polita, “Treviso isn’t new to this kind of event; its attachment to the world of comics is almost thirty years old.” Indeed, before TCBF, there was “Treviso Comics,” a prominent event that unfortunately came to an abrupt end.

Undaunted, in 2003, the Associazione Fumetti in Treviso, a non-profit organization that brings... More


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Accenti Accenti 31, Fall 2014

Issue date: Aug 15, 2014


Queen of the Majorettes

by Terri Favro


Judy needs to pee. Beyond the barricade of blankets, she feels a chill against her cheeks. If she gets out of bed, the rest of her will be cold too.
She holds it, and holds it, until she feels herself leaking into the darkness under her sheets. Scrunching down to the bottom of the bed that fills the back of this little metal house, she pulls herself to her feet. A drop of pee trickles lazily down the inside of her thigh. The toilet squats in a puddle of light. Even though she's alone, she circles the privacy...

Touching Calabria (A Short Story in Little Time)

Touching Calabria (A Short Story in Little Time)

by Darlene Madott

“I’m firing the architect,” I said, “I wouldn’t set foot in my Church.”
“The best is always the next.”
“You have a steady hand.”
At ninety-two, my father’s bricks were as if laid by a master mason.
“A church has to be solid. There’s no fudging with the walls of a church.” I stopped painting...


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Lights of Bari Vecchia, Bari (Italy), by Giorgio Tinelli - Grand prize winner of the 2014 Accenti Photo Competition.

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