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Return by Genni GunnA River of Oranges

by Aldo Nazarko


Fiume has a unique place in the history of Europe, and Italy in particular. The official language of Fiume was Italian until it was ceded to Yugoslavia in 1947; but the majority of the population has Slavic roots, predominantly Croatian and Slovenian. Before I began this book, I thought of myself as Italian but through my research I discovered that my background is Slavic. I am Italian only by the fact that I was born in Fiume while it was under Italian rule.  More...

Return by Genni Gunn


by Genni Gunn


I used to stand at railway tracks, my toes against the ties, while trains approached. I held my breath as they lumbered past, tuned to the whine of metal on metal, their weight a tornado in my chest, their speed reverberating in my heart. “You are crazy,” my brother told me years later. “Don’t you realize how lucky you are that you weren’t decapitated?” He should know, transportation safety being his line of work. More...
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