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Art Scene Di Cesare on Her New Play, Successions

by Liana Cusmano


Your new play Successions comes on the heels of your hit comedies 8 Ways My Mother Was Conceived, and In Search of Mrs Pirandello. It is the story of two second-generation Italian-Canadian brothers: one, an uptight, upwardly mobile lawyer running for office; the other, an easy-going fellow who would rather party than work. After the sudden death of their parents, the brothers must decide what to do with the rundown family home.. More...

Mexico Through the Lens of Vincenzo Pietropaolo

by Alejandro Monsiváis


One of the various virtues of Vincenzo is that, when he’s taking pictures abroad, he does not have the “foreign view” – that arrogant attitude to treat other cultures as picturesque and exotic, like the furtive anthropologist photographing the “Noble Savage.” He establishes a relationship of trust with his subjects, and asks them before taking a picture. More...

Interview with Francois Morelli

by Giuseppe Di Leo


Myth has it that the beginning of drawing has its foundation in the hand-trace, delineating an edge of a shadow on a wall. Debutade, a Corinthian maid, consciously traced the shadow of her lover, asleep, before his departure so that she could accurately remember his image. More...






Florentine Street Art Blends the Old with the New

L’arte sa nuotare: Florentine Street Art Blends the Old with the New

by Tania Zampini


Italians, it seems, know a thing or two about the interpretation of art and its cultural survival in a precarious market. “L’arte sa nuotare” (Art knows how to swim) is a tag seen throughout downtown Florence on street stencils no larger than a loose leaf, created by an artist who goes simply by the name of Blub. MORE


TCBF – Treviso Comics Festival Takes Off

TCBF – Treviso Comics Festival Takes Off

by Giulia De Gasperi


Treviso's Comic Book Festival, or TCBF, now in its eleventh year, has established itself as one of the most important and popular comic book festivals in Italy and beyond, attracting artists, publishing companies, and fans from all over the world. This year the festival runs from September 24th to 28th, with a preview scheduled for September 20th... More


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