Every Novel Has a Soundtrack

by Terri Favro


Long-form writing is a lonely business. In a previous blog (“Writing With My Feet”), I talked about the role of the gym in my fiction writing (and preventing my shoulders from taking on a permanent slump from crouching over the digital hearth with my imaginary friends, also known as “fictional characters”). MORE






Truth, More or Less

The Darkness You Hold

by Linda Morra

Imagine this: he is twenty-four years old and he wants to take the world in his long fingers. It’s his for the taking. He knows it’s his, as he lies wide-awake in bed to watch the dawn nudge away a reluctant darkness and spread like wonder across the sky. MORE







Truth, More or Less

Truth, More or Less

by Rosanne Pagano


Causes of my grandmother’s lifelong limp - the one that afflicted her right leg (or maybe it was her left, memories contradict) - are lost to time and the Sicilian aptitude for turning the ordinary into the legendary. Consider the Tale of Uncle Benny’s Toe. MORE




The Hog Slaughter: February 1862

by Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli


The hog is limp, having shuddered its last breath after a single blow to the head with a mallet. Gabriella and some of the neighbourhood women watch her father Lorenzo… More

The Motorcycle

The Motorcycle

by Licia Canton


“Monsieur, Monsieur.”
      He could hear a voice far away. Then he felt a light tap on the shoulder. He opened his eyes not knowing they had been closed. MORE

24 Hours

24 Hours

by Anthony Cristiano


Through cobbled streets, old historic houses
       returning scents of flavoured bread and oil; MORE

Return by Genni Gunn


by Genni Gunn


I used to stand at railway tracks, my toes against the ties, while trains approached. I held my breath as they lumbered past, tuned to the whine of metal on metal, their weight a tornado in my chest, their speed reverberating in my heart.

            “You are crazy,” my brother told me years later. “Don’t you realize how lucky you are that you weren’t decapitated?”

            He should know, transportation safety being his line of work. More...




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