​September 2003

I am very impressed by the high standards of the magazine. I don't read English publications much, preferring to dedicate my reading time to Italian language publications, but Accenti deals with many important Italian themes. The articles are well conceived and well written.
Bayla Pollick, Yorkton, Saskatchewan


I thoroughly enjoy Accenti, since I am a second generation Italian and am able to relate to most of the stories. I especially enjoyed the article What Italians Really Eat. It seemed as if the story was about my youth and my family.
Lina Vescio, Toronto


I read with interest your article Mainstream Media & the Godfather Legacy by Francesca L'Orfano. I am in total agreement with the article. I have experienced first hand that the media often associates Italians to the mobster mystique.

Rita Palazzo, Montreal


All of the July/August issue was very good, but the Meucci story was really the centre of attraction. It stood out for its originality and content. Very interesting article. Poetic justice for Meucci...
Yashar Zarrabian, Montreal


Overall I think Accenti is great! As a second generation Canadian and one who, for many years, was ambivalent at best about my Italian/Sicilian culture, your magazine gives me a sense of pride and a sense of retrieved time, which I wasted in allowing myself to be influenced by a largely ethnocentric group who succeeded in making me feel "ashamed" of my culture and my identity. I most enjoyed Patrice Bucciarelli's What Italians Really Eat. I can certainly identify with all of what she has to say. As a child, and a finicky eater, my mother brought me up on pastina - acina pepe to be exact - and pasta aglio e olio! The articles in Accenti provide true insights into our Italo-Canadian culture. I'd like to see more poetry written in Italian, if that's possible. Also, short articles in Italian would be helpful in terms of learning and promoting our culture.
Yolanda Coppolino, Toronto


I have just finished reading the July/August issue of Accenti and enjoyed it just as much as the previous ones. So far I have read them all cover to cover and passed them along to Italian-Canadian friends for their enjoyment and in hopes that they will also subscribe. It is a wonderful, informative magazine for us Italian-Canadians who enjoy keeping up with the culture that was once such a big part of our lives. It is great to see so many talented writers, poets and just plain interesting people featured in your magazine and I am looking forward to many more.
Gabriella (Sovran) Hobbis, Delta, B.C.


It's about time that a magazine speaks for us in our country, not as Italians but as Canadians of Italian origin. Accenti makes me feel at home.

Mary Sbragia, Montreal


Thanks for coming up with a really big story like that of Meucci's invention of the telephone. Back in the 1870s they could dupe immigrants like that. I don't believe they could get away with it today. Too bad that history cannot be reversed.
Suzanne Ratto, Montreal



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