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Nov 2003


Your Business Manners Matter  by  Loretta Di Vita


Your Business Manners Matter

By Loretta Di Vita


"Look out!" someone shrieked, as the icy, sherbet ball flew across the banquet room. In the midst of extolling the virtues of proper table manners to a... Read More...

 Nice Place to Visit, But...  by  Joseph Pivato


Nice Place to Visit, But...

By Joseph Pivato


Like many Italians around the world I have a love-hate relationship with Italy. I was born in Italy and have always considered myself lucky to... Read More...

 Facing Gasparini's Demons  by  Marisa De Franceschi

Book Review

Facing Gasparini's Demons

By Marisa De Franceschi


I recently read Len Gasparini's short story collection, A Demon in My View (Guernica, 2003) and found myself absorbed by the writing. I have long been a fan of his... Read More...

 In the Piazza Called Plado-Mosca  by  Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci


In the Piazza Called Plado-Mosca

By Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci


In the piazza called Plado-Mosca

Between My Father and Me  by  Gilda Morina Syverson

Non fiction

Between My Father and Me

By Gilda Morina Syverson


This fall I've been waking around four each morning. A naturopath once told me that waking in the middle of the night between three and five... Read More...

 Dolly Lets Her Hair Down  by  Caren Durante


Dolly Lets Her Hair Down

By Caren Durante


It's Saturday night and Mario's Dine and Dance is packed with Wops twirling spaghetti on their forks and women on the dance floor. It's 1956. People say Wop Read More...

Pour the Wine, Pass the Baccalà  by  Patrice D. Bucciarelli

Cover Story

Pour the Wine, Pass the Baccalà

By Patrice D. Bucciarelli


Italians pride themselves on their ability to turn even the most mundane occasions into holidays by virtue of their sumptuous cuisine and legendary hospitality Read More...

Coming to the Land of Plenty  by  Happie Testa


Coming to the Land of Plenty

By Happie Testa


"I miss the warmth ? not so much the weather, as the people," says Marco Luciani Castiglia, as he sips his espresso at a sidewalk caffé. It's a warm, bright September morning in Read More...

The Secret of Our Success  by  Ida Maria Pan


The Secret of Our Success

By Ida Maria Pan


"How boring, how dull, how sad!" That's what I thought, twenty years ago, the first time I attended one of the many regional association events in my newly adopted Canadian city Read More...

Prime Minister Paul Martin by

Neighbourhood Snapshot

Prime Minister Paul Martin


For some people, early September is tomato season - not just the time for harvesting a fruit once believed to be poisonous, but two weeks of the year when garage doors Read More...


From the Publisher


I have read all the articles in the September/October issue of Accenti and particularly enjoyed those which tell of immigrants, recent or older, and how they have settled; and of their successes Read More...

  by  Domenic Cusmano

From our Readers

By Domenic Cusmano


Earlier this fall the Department of Canadian Heritage with Statistics Canada released the results of the Ethnic Diversity Survey, a pan-Canadian study which between April and August 2002 Read More...

The Sartorial Splendour of the Renaissance  by  Loretta Di Vita


The Sartorial Splendour of the Renaissance

By Loretta Di Vita


Trailing a long, brocade train behind her, the golden-haired, corseted princess entered the room. She repeatedly teased a young, sword-bearing suitor by Read More...

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