August 23, 2012

Capturing an Italian Moment

Carnival in Venice

by Mark Bednarczyk


Carnival in Venice by Mark BednarczykI had been to Venice on four previous occasions, each time missing the Carnival by a few days. During these visits, I could see the traces of the recently ended festivities in the streets and alleyways. When I visited Venice in March of 2011 as one of the chaperones on our school trip, I found myself in the midst of Carnival celebrations. There were thousands of people in the Piazza San Marco, many of them decked out in costumes – some quite ordinary, others elaborate and extraordinary. By the Doge's Palace, I came across two individuals in simple, yet striking costumes. They were leaning on the metal barrier and when they saw me, they struck a pose, automatically, as if they had done this hundreds of times before. I snapped their photo, thanked them and went off.

"Carnival in Venice" won First Prize and $1000 in the 2012 Accenti Magazine Photo Contest, and was displayed at the 6th Annual Accenti Magazine Awards and the 14th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival in April 2012.


Mark Bednarczyk was born in England of Polish and Ukrainian parents, and raised in
Canada. He has been in education for most of his life. Five years ago, his wife bought
him a camera as a birthday gift and encouraged him to take up photography as a
hobby. Recent trips to Italy gave him numerous opportunities to indulge his passion for
photography in this incredibly picturesque country.

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