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Spring 2010


Writing Our Own Stories  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Writing Our Own Stories

By Licia Canton


If we don’t write our own stories, someone will do it for us – often with less than agreeable outcomes. We know that Italian Canadians are not immune to cultural stereotypes. Too often, the mainstream Read More...


The Marche,

Travel Feature

The Marche, "All of Italy in One Region"

By Domenic Cusmano


Of the 40 million foreign tourists who flock to the “museum peninsula” every year, only a small fraction stop in the Marches. But a vast effort is underway to redress the situation.. Read More...


Colours of the Marche  by  Domenic Cusmano

Travel Feature

Colours of the Marche

By Domenic Cusmano


Nestled behind its more celebrated neighbours of Emilia Romagna and San Marino to the north, and Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany to the west, the Marches are further hidden away from the Read More...


The Graffiti Wall of the Eternal City  by  Elizabeth Cinello


The Graffiti Wall of the Eternal City

By Elizabeth Cinello


The jumbled, colourful, in your-face world of Rome’s graffiti is getting a bad rap. It has been described as ugly and disgraceful. It degrades the urban environment, and it Read More...


Stereotypers Beware - Le Donne Briganti Have Your Number  by  Michael Mirolla


Stereotypers Beware - Le Donne Briganti Have Your Number

By Michael Mirolla


Put away your prejudices, preconceptions and stereotypes. Le Donne Briganti are coming! Made up of women from all walks of Montreal life – lawyers, restaurateurs, conference centre directors. Read More...


This is Sunday Lunch  by  Angela Long


This is Sunday Lunch

By Angela Long


Lunches are quiet at Via Scapardini 9. Father. Mother. Son. And me, the fiancée from Toronto. We eat in the kitchen with the ticking of the clock, sometimes an Italian soap opera Read More...


Metropolis Azzurro: Sharing the Pleasure of Writing  by  Linda Leith


Metropolis Azzurro: Sharing the Pleasure of Writing

By Linda Leith


It will come as no surprise to learn that?I am not Italian Canadian. I regret to say I’m not?even an honourary Italian –?one of those Canadians who?has spent a lot of time in Italy?and learned Read More...


 A Rare Work  by  Caterina Edwards

Non Fiction

A Rare Work

By Caterina Edwards


My mother told me almost nothing about her childhood or her family. And what she did say – that her father died in a submarine in World War I, for example, or that she left home at ten Read More...


Storing Up Stories  by  Delia De Santis


Storing Up Stories

By Delia De Santis


The bus snaked along in the cool, narrow valley surrounded by tall mountains and steep hills. The driver knew where we were going and he let us off right by a small sign with an arrow Read More...


Ch' 'sta opera?  by  Lina Medaglia

Book review

Ch'è 'sta opera?

By Lina Medaglia


As the story reached its end, with the sensibility of an artist. In her my eyes felt heavier and heavier. It was like an opera or a fairy tale almost but much more moving because Read More...


Where are the Women  by  Marisa De Franceschi


Where are the Women

By Marisa De Franceschi


Where are the women??


Small Town  by  Luigi Monteferrante


Small Town

By Luigi Monteferrante


In a small town


 The eviction of the insolent artist  by  Corrado Paina


The eviction of the insolent artist

By Corrado Paina


The fallen are many?


 Bella Donna  by  Paul French

Capturing an Italian Moment

Bella Donna

By Paul French


“The scene was Rome, May, 2008. I was there writing a story on the making of the film version of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, which was shooting at Bernini's... Read More...


March 8th or the Day of the Deceptive Mimosa  by  Andrea Camilleri

The Last Word

March 8th or the Day of the Deceptive Mimosa

By Andrea Camilleri


If I must be completely honest, I was never entirely convinced by Women’s Day which we celebrate on March 8th. The same goes for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Read More...


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