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Winter 2010


Walking and Talking  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Walking and Talking

By Licia Canton


I resisted the arrival of winter – waiting to change the tires, taking the car less frequently, walking as much as possible in an attempt to slow down and de-stress from this fast-paced urban lifestyle... Read More...


Steve Galluccio - The Ability to Gender-Bend  by  Michael Mirolla


Steve Galluccio - The Ability to Gender-Bend

By Michael Mirolla


Mention the name Steve Galluccio and most people automatically think of the mega-hit play/movie Mambo Italiano. But to born-and-bred Montrealer Galluccio, Read More...


Underground Delight Trifles About Marche Truffles  by  Domenic Cusmano


Underground Delight Trifles About Marche Truffles

By Domenic Cusmano


Tartufo. To the connoisseur the word evokes images of a luscious and delectable, even sensual, food. "Truffle" in English sounds just as evocative. I'm not alluding to the Read More...


Frank Caracciolo - Putting Life in Motion  by  Loretta  Di Vita


Frank Caracciolo - Putting Life in Motion

By Loretta Di Vita


Many of us struggle to find our path in life, but Frank Caracciolo always knew that he would become an artist. "My personal dialogue with the medium of paint first started when, Read More...


The Three Sisters of Piacenza  by  Terri Favro

Non Fiction

The Three Sisters of Piacenza

By Terri Favro


My grandmother's house is too warm. Too crowded. Our second cousins from New York, up for Canadian Thanksgiving, are in the room next door. Their laughter rises and falls like waves Read More...


Fathers and Sons  by  Michael Mirolla


Fathers and Sons

By Michael Mirolla


In the spring. You could only do it in the spring. I reach over and press "Record." Surreptitiously. In stealth mode. There's but a slight whirr as the tape winds and passes the recording head Read More...


 Afternoon in a Garden of Palazzo Barberini  by  Darlene Madott


Afternoon in a Garden of Palazzo Barberini

By Darlene Madott


This is how Francesca learns there is no such thing as "closed," in Italy, no rule that somehow cannot be bent to accommodate. She stands in her khaki shorts, with her loose white blouse,. Read More...


Centro Scuola Italy Programs - Strengthening Cultural Ties  by  Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


Centro Scuola Italy Programs - Strengthening Cultural Ties

By Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


Standing in front of the Duomo in Florence with a group of your best friends makes a perfect photo for Facebook or your cell phone. But more importantly, you will remember the experience for the rest of your life. Travelling to Italy, . Read More...


Pier 21 Legacy - Italians in Halifax  by  Caterina Fava


Pier 21 Legacy - Italians in Halifax

By Caterina Fava


Although the Italian community in Nova Scotia is among the oldest in Canada and Halifax holds a significant place in the history of immigration, it was only in 1974 that a group of Italians came together to form the Italian Canadian Cultural Association of Nova Scotia Read More...


 Afternoon in Volterra  by  Monica Lisi Lacey

Capturing an Italian Moment

Afternoon in Volterra

By Monica Lisi Lacey


"'Afternoon in Volterra' was taken during siesta in the thickest heat of the day on a trip to Italy in June 2008. I was wandering the piazza looking for interesting compositions... Read More...


My Blue Period  by  Marisa De Franceschi


My Blue Period

By Marisa De Franceschi


I am a mop, a rag,


Don't Bring Me Flowers  by  Marisa De Franceschi


Don't Bring Me Flowers

By Marisa De Franceschi


Don't bring me flowers to temper your guilt.


Vita Brevis  by  Carmine Stamino


Vita Brevis

By Carmine Stamino


Short back and long bangs, but our barber never got it right. Read More...


Arrivederci!, Plastic-Covered Couch  by  Frank Giorno


Arrivederci!, Plastic-Covered Couch

By Frank Giorno


The furniture in my mother's living room


A Photo Journey  by  Tom Ferraro

Book review

A Photo Journey

By Tom Ferraro


At first glance, Vincenza Scarpaci's The Journey of the Italians in America (Pelican Publishing, 2009) looks like another solid entry in a long line of Italian-American coffee books: Read More...


 A Television Christmas  by  Anna Foschi

The Last Word

A Television Christmas

By Anna Foschi


In the early 1980s, Vancouver's Italian community was the city's third largest ethnic group and one of the most active and colourful. Some of the skills and traditions that the Italian immigrants.. Read More...


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