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Winter 2008


Michelangelo Antonioni: Probing the Unseen Nature of Human Life  by  Franco Ricci


Michelangelo Antonioni: Probing the Unseen Nature of Human Life

By Franco Ricci


Perhaps best known for his elliptical and open-ended stories, Italian modernist film director Michelangelo Antonioni's own life story found closure when he died in his home in Rome last July 30. Read More...


Luciano Pavarotti: Opera's Best Friend  by  Corrado Cusmano


Luciano Pavarotti: Opera's Best Friend

By Corrado Cusmano


Luciano Pavarotti was that rarest of individuals – an artist who transcends his art to become an iconic figure indelibly etched in the collective consciousness. Shortly after announcing he was... Read More...


Sour Grapes  by  Marie Schnerch


Sour Grapes

By Marie Schnerch


I drove the car a little more forward in the lane than usual this morning in an attempt to squeeze the old 1986 clunker into the slot in our back yard beside the garage. In doing so, I.. Read More...


Passeggiate Romane  by  Fabrizio Intravaia


Passeggiate Romane

By Fabrizio Intravaia


Carissima Chiara, ho deciso di scriverti questa lettera nel giorno della tua nascita per raccontarti qualcosa di me e della mia terra, ma forse sarebbe più giusto dire: qualcosa di me Read More...


The Old Woman of Corniglia  by  Laura Fee

Non Fiction

The Old Woman of Corniglia

By Laura Fee


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? My husband asked this question on the morning of my forty-second birthday. I was slouched at the kitchen counter, elbows on Read More...


Eye of the Beholder: Tips on Wine Tasting and Wine

Art of Living

Eye of the Beholder: Tips on Wine Tasting and Wine "Seeing"

By Antonio Mauriello


Let's see... clear, transparent, dark ruby at the core with a pale rim..." We could be analyzing a precious stone, or describing a pomegranate seed. "Intense and aromatic, with pineapple Read More...


Where Is the Piazza?  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Where Is the Piazza?

By Licia Canton


When I was four, I ran away from home on my brand new Graziella. (My father had just emigrated to Canada.) I pedalled all the way to the piazza where zia Imelda spotted me and promptly. Read More...


The End of Italian Winters?  by  Domenic Cusmano

About the Cover

The End of Italian Winters?

By Domenic Cusmano


The plush snow on the ground in the photograph of Cortina d'Ampezzo that graces the cover of this issue may well belie the truth about Italy's future as a cold-climate country. No doubt, Read More...


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