Random Thoughts - by Marisa de Franceschi

The Pink House and Other Stories by Licia Canton

The Pink House, Licia Canton's much anticipated second collection of short fiction, like her first, Almond Wine and Fertility, delves into the lives of ordinary people who must contend with extraordinary situations: an elderly man is determined to renew his motorcycle license, a woman is immobilized on a cold sidewalk after an accident, a recent immigrant finds love on a blind date, a middle-aged woman remembers her first love affair, a suburban mom takes a break from her hectic schedule.

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Random Thoughts - by Marisa de Franceschi

Longbridge Books
Publication Date: 2010


English: 72 pages

Paperback: $18.00 Canada, US

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Random Thoughts is a collection of short prose sketches which express the often complicated feelings one may have for sons, daughters, husbands, sisters, friends, and the world at large. The sketches are sometimes light-hearted and whimsical, but they can also be poignant expressions of disappointment, disbelief, and distaste for what the writer is witness to. Although the tone may vary from piece to piece, the overwhelming drive and goal is to spotlight situations that will cause the reader to ponder what is really happening beneath the surface. The author's priorities are to entertain but also to encourage a rethinking of our relationships with our fellow man.

"These thoughts may be random, but they cut to the heart of life and allow the truth to bleed out. De Franceschi takes a moment, a feeling, an event and examines it inside and out under a warm, but oh so probing light. The details of our lives may be different, but everyone will find a resonance with her analyses. Her words present a melody of life set to verbal music composed by a master. Random Thoughts is a must read that you will return to again and again."

– Margaret Haffner, author of Snowblind