From Friuli: Poems - by Rina Del Nin Cralli

The Pink House and Other Stories by Licia Canton

The Pink House, Licia Canton's much anticipated second collection of short fiction, like her first, Almond Wine and Fertility, delves into the lives of ordinary people who must contend with extraordinary situations: an elderly man is determined to renew his motorcycle license, a woman is immobilized on a cold sidewalk after an accident, a recent immigrant finds love on a blind date, a middle-aged woman remembers her first love affair, a suburban mom takes a break from her hectic schedule.

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From Friuli: Poems - by Rina Del Nin Cralli

Longbridge Books
Publication Date: 2015

ISBN: 978-1-928065-04-3

English: 154 pages

Paperback: Canada, US


The poems in this volume are written in Friulan, a language which has natural poetic qualities of texture and rhyme. Friulan is a minority language spoken by fewer and fewer people in Friuli, Italy, and in Canada. This unique collection of poems will stimulate interest in the beauty of this language. Each poem is accompanied by an English translation. The translators who contributed to this collection are Marisa De Franceschi, Monica Stellin, Flavia Zucchi Silano, Louise Pivato Banducci, Deborah Saidero and Dôre Michelut. The volume also includes a family war story from World War II in Friuli. The collection ends with an essay on the poetry of Rina Cralli by editor Joseph Pivato.