Conspicuous Accents: Accenti Magazine’s Finest Stories of the First 10 Years

Forthcoming by Longbridge

Making Olives and Other Family Secrets - RIPASSO
by Darlene Madott

Just as with a Ripasso wine, re-passing Valpolicella over the skins of Amarone grapes too delicious to discard, Madott's literary revisitation of the original Making Olives, amplified with five new "secrets," has created a second and more mature fermentation.

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Conspicuous Accents: Accenti Magazine’s Finest Stories of the First 10 Years

Licia Canton (Editor)

Longbridge Books
Publication Date: May 2014

Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-928065-01-2

English: 300 pages

Paperback: $25.00 Canada, US

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Conspicuous Accents is the culmination of the efforts of 35 authors, whose stories have appeared in Accenti Magazine in the course of the past ten years. Some are established authors; others have made a name for themselves since first being published in Accenti; others, still, remain lesser known to the general public, but their work is no less worthy of gracing these pages: Nico Bignami, Elizabeth Cinello, Kim Clarke, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Andrew de Angelis, Giulia De Gasperi, Delia De Santis, Gaetano di Falco, Loretta Di Vita, Caren Durante, Ken Elkes, Eufemia Fantetti, Terri Favro, Laura Fee, Edward Fiorelli, Sylvia Fiorita Smith, Andrew Foster, Maria Francesca LoDico, Tony Franceschini, Paul French, Len Gasparini, Dorothea Helms, Ernesto Livorni, Angela Long, Darlene Madott, Michael Mirolla, Anna Mongibello, Federico Moramarco, Gilda Morina Syverson, Linda Morra, Susan Musgrave, Susan Safford, Sigal Samuel, Ivano Stocco, Sheila Wright – a must-have volume for anyone who loves to read short fiction!