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At the Vanguard of Cardiology: A Biography of Dr Osman Gialloreto - by Helene Andree Bizier

His professional rigour, his medical knowledge and above all his concern for the patient, compelled Dr Gialloreto to examine not just the body, but the whole patient, including his environment.

Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Victims: Supino, 1944

When all seemed to have come back to normal, the unthinkable happened. It was the beginning of June 1944. The war in Italy was drawing to a close, but something went terribly wrong.

Injustice Served: The Story of British Columbiaís Italian Enemy Aliens During World War II - by Raymond Culos

This is the very sensitive story of BC’s Italians classified as enemy aliens during World War II.

Vancouver's Shoeshine Boys, A Shining Social History - by Raymond Culos

Vancouver’s Shoeshine Boys, a 20th century phenomenon, is a story of Italian immigrants who arrived in Canada in search of a dream.

Vancouverís Society of Italians, Volume III - by Raymond Culos

This volume completes a trilogy on the social history of Vancouver’s Italians and their institutions. Ray Culos began seriously chronicling the achievements of the Italian community in 1998.

A Journey of Faith: A History of Saint Anthony of Padua Church, 1913-2013

A Journey of Faith commemorates the one-hundred year history of Ottawa's St Anthony of Padua Church. It is a legacy and a living testimony for future generations of Italian Canadians.

From Friuli: Poems - by Rina Del Nin Cralli

The poems in this volume are written in Friulan, a language which has natural poetic qualities of texture and rhyme. Friulan is a minority language in Friuli, Italy, and in Canada. This unique collection of poems will stimulate interest in the beauty of this language.



High Spirits: A Collection of Sacred Prose and Poetry by Maria Luisa R. Ierfino-Adornato

This first book by Maria Luisa R. Ierfino-Adornato is a collection of personal poems.


Our Lady of La Difesa Church: Historical Guide, Second Edition - by Camillo Menchini

This updated volume, fifty years after Menchini's original work, features a number of archival photos alongside scores of new photos highlighting Nincheri's work as well as that of other artists.

The Fabric of My Soul, Poems - by Venera Fazio

The fabric of her soul is found in Venera Fazio’s love for her family and birthplace. The poems in this volume are inspired by five generations of Venera’s family in Sicily and Canada.

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