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A Journey of Faith: A History of Saint Anthony of Padua Church, 1913-2013

A Journey of Faith commemorates the one-hundred year history of Ottawa's St Anthony of Padua Church. It is a legacy and a living testimony for future generations of Italian Canadians.

A Little Knock Won't Hurt Ya: My Life As a Hockey Enforcer by Allan Globensky

What happened to Allan Globensky, the former hockey cult hero, after the cheers of bloodthirsty fans faded away? This is his story, and it’s one that is both compelling and cautionary.


A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood by Aldo Nazarko

At its heart, A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood by Aldo Nazarko is a love letter from one man to his father – full of forgiveness, shining with joy, and brimming with tender gratitude.


Almond Wine and Fertility - by Licia Canton

The stories by Licia Canton are imbued with sensitivity and optimism, peopled by characters struggling to accept themselves as they attempt to negotiate between languages and cultures, between people and places, between the modern and the traditional.

Almond Wine and Fertility, 2nd Edition - by Licia Canton

Almond Wine and Fertility, a lyrical and moving collection, showcases Licia Canton's ability to craft entire worlds out of just a few pages. This new edition of Almond Wine and Fertility includes a foreword by literary critic Joseph Pivato.

At the Vanguard of Cardiology: A Biography of Dr Osman Gialloreto - by Helene Andree Bizier

His professional rigour, his medical knowledge and above all his concern for the patient, compelled Dr Gialloreto to examine not just the body, but the whole patient, including his environment.

Chronicles of an Ottawa Chestnut Lover - by Luciano Pradal

This is a book of acquaintances and encounters, rich in anecdotes that are serious and amusing, whimsical and captivating – sharing a deep sense of humanity.

City of Sinners - by D.C. Iannuzzi

In this highly charged novel, D.C. Iannuzzi takes readers on a wild ride, as authorities attempt to thwart a bomb threat instigated by an anonymous terrorist group dead-set against the Quebec government’s repressive anti-English language laws.

Conspicuous Accents: Accenti Magazine's Finest Stories of the First 10 Years - edited by Licia Canton

This collection, comprised of the work of 35 authors, gathers in book form the best short stories published in Accenti Magazine since 2003 – a must-have volume for anyone who loves to read short fiction!

Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Victims: Supino, 1944

When all seemed to have come back to normal, the unthinkable happened. It was the beginning of June 1944. The war in Italy was drawing to a close, but something went terribly wrong.

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