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Contemplating Machines in Terri Favro’s Generation Robot

by Marisa De Franceschi


I’ve turned on my computer to write this review of Terri Favro’s new book, Generation Robot (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018), and I find it challenging to put into words how the book has affected me. Like Terri, I too vividly remember our milk, bread, and eggs arriving at our place by horse-drawn carts, and my mother telling me to announce the arrival so that she could purchase her daily allotment. More...




Rediscovered Art: The Art And Passion of Guido Nincheri by Mélanie Grondin

by Licia Canton


Guido Nincheri is recognized as the most prolific Montreal artist of stained-glass windows and frescoes, but it was not his intention to settle in Montreal when he arrived with his bride in 1913. The newlyweds were originally headed to South America when the possibility of war in Europe changed their plans. More...



Ethical Dilemmas in Rene Pappone’s The Partisan Brigade

by Anna Foschi Ciampolini


In Rene Pappone’s latest novel, The Partisan Brigade, a long-kept secret haunts a man. He still harbours the painful memory of the injustice that embittered his family. If he returns to the place where, in tragic circumstances, he acted against his own beliefs, would he finally find solace? Pasqualino Leone has been asking himself that question ever since he returned to Canada from a secret mission during the Second World War. More...






Review: Waiting for Chrysanthemums, a Novel from the Grey Zone

by Terri Favro


Border towns can be grey zones with split identities, regions where loyalties are divided, nations kiss, laws are broken, and boundaries are both enforced and transgressed. As literary settings, borders offer up stories that defy easy categorization. More...





Lives Entwined by Michael Carrino

Lives Entwined

by Michael Carrino


“Why this story?” They are the first words of Sebastiano's Vine by Carmelo Militano (Ekstasis Editions, 2013), and the first words uttered by the main character and narrator, Michael Filo. It is a question that may have many answers, or no answer at all – a question that brings clearer meaning to a life, or it does not. For readers it is the journey, the exploration of Michael Filo's life, that will matter. It is the journey we are all taking. More...



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