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Premio Italia nel Mondo 2018

by Darlene Madott


Life and passionate pursuits deserve celebrating. The Premio all’eccellenza del lavoro e alla cultura Italiana nel Mondo, bestowed upon four honourees at a gala dinner and fundraiser on October 25, 2018, certainly was that – celebration in grand style. This was the 18th edition of the Premio, and third to take place in Toronto, since its inception in New York, in 1994, with Luciano Pavarotti as one of the first honourees. More...




Aldo Del Col – Meritorious Service Medal Recipient

by Alex Vaillant-Gamelin


“The doctor gave me three to five years to live. I thought that wasn’t enough. I decided I would get ten.” This is how Aldo Del Col described his reaction to a diagnosis for multiple myeloma, the second-most common form of blood cancer. Sixteen years later he is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal by Governor General Julie Payette, in recognition of his work with Myeloma Canada. He spoke to Accenti just after receiving the award.More...






George Amabile on War, Trauma, the Creative Process, and His Latest Collection Martial Music

by Liana Cusmano


...Good and Evil are not forces that exist outside of us, but are the result of choices we make as individual beings. It is dangerous to succumb to the attractive belief that we, Canadians or Americans, Chinese or Russians, are the good guys and everything we do, however violent or destructive, is right because our cause and our intentions are goodMore...





Mark Frutkin on His Latest Novel, The Rising Tide, and His Source of Inspiration


by Veena Gokhale


There’s something about Italian culture, Italian history, art, architecture, writing, Italian people, and, of course, Italian food and wine that fills a need for many people, including me. Perhaps it’s because the Renaissance was born in Italy and it’s still having an effect on the modern world – a moderating effect that states that aesthetics and art and simply living well are important, are a crucial part of being human and humane. More...



Michelle Alfano on Her Memoir, The Unfinished Dollhouse

by Liana Cusmano


In her memoir The Unfinished Dollhouse, Michelle Alfano recounts the journey she underwent in accepting and embracing her son’s transgender identity. From tell-tale signs in early childhood and the mental and physical afflictions in the early teen years, to the reactions of family and friends and the final steps in a social and medical transition from female to male, Alfano explores the thoughts and feelings she experienced over the years as her son, River, fought to be his truest self. More...



Guido Cocomello: From Stand-up to Stage Acting by Anthony S. Calabrese

Guido Cocomello: From Stand-up to Stage Acting

by Anthony S. Calabrese


As a stand-up comic, Guido Cocomello has a reputation for being unpredictable and audacious. His uninhibited performances have garnered him many fans. However, the thirty-something Montreal native is also quickly making a name for himself as a compelling stage actor. More...





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