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History of a Dress



Between Two Worlds

by Tania Zampini


It has been my experience as an educator and a self-proclaimed ambassador of Italian culture that when people think of Italy, they think of three things: the food, the history, and the trains never running on time. They are right on all three accounts (although, unbeknownst to them, the third is a direct result of the second). More frequent travellers to Italy might add a few other items to this list: the vineyards, the beaches, the scenery, the hospitality, the more relaxed lifestyle, the romance — that’s amore! More...





History of a Dress

Italian-Canadian Writers Gather for Conference in Winnipeg

by Mélanie Grondin


If you could choose a first conference to attend as a speaker, the Biennial Conference of the Association of Italian-Canadian Writers (AICW) should be the one. An interdisciplinary conference, it includes academic and creative writing, film, photography, art, and translation, and you never feel like you don’t belong –even if you’re not Italian-Canadian, like me More...







History of a Dress

All a Whirlwind

by Glenn Carley


It is all a whirlwind; a life constructed in little vignettes, little parables that pass by like clouds in full bore – over in a second. We made our way south by southeast to North York and the aftermath of the windstorm the previous day. The usual post-blustery bedlam: cops with flashing lights making you wait and then waving you on. More...






History of a Dress

History of a Dress

by Liana Bellon


I have had an affinity for Venice ever since, as a child, I was taken to the city by my parents during carnival. Years later, I often returned to research a doctoral dissertation on Venetian art. In June of 2012, though, my visit was quite different from previous ones: I was returning to the city I love to celebrate my wedding. More...

Rocky Roads: Northern Italy's Jewish Heritage by Deborah Rubin Fields

Rocky Roads: Northern Italy’s Jewish Heritage

by Deborah Rubin Fields


Mountain Jews in the Italian/Austrian Alps? The Tyrol region is not immediately associated with Jews or Jewish history. Yet surprisingly, the area encompassing the magnificent Dolomite Mountains has had a Jewish presence. In fact, no less breathtaking than the landscape of this UNESCO World Heritage property is the post-Emancipation history of the Jews who passed through this part of the world. More...

Did the Toronto Maple Leafs Discriminate Against Italian Players? by Frank Giorno

Did the Toronto Maple Leafs Discriminate Against Italian Players?

by Frank Giorno


For many hockey fans, the 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of NHL hockey. Before expansion, in the era of the “six original teams,” the league was dominated by the likes of Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Jean Beliveau, and Bobby Orr. A good number of Italian names stood out as well: Phil Esposito, Alex Delvecchio, Lou Angotti, Eddie Giacomin.  More...

Sicilian Ruins: Resurrecting Poggioreale by Kenneth Scambray

Sicilian Ruins: Resurrecting Poggioreale

by Kenneth Scambray


In a June 2012 editorial in a local Piedmont newspaper on the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna, the editor was careful to express his sympathy for the loss of life and injuries. But he was otherwise on another mission: that earthquakes in Italy do more than just knock down old buildings and towers. He explained that when an earthquake destroys a church bell tower or campanile and other historic buildings, it strikes at the very core of local identity and culture. More...


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