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Gingerbread: A Sicilian-Canadian Tradition

by Francesca M. LoDico


I made one gingerbread house in 2011 with my three nieces who were pre-schoolers; by 2016 I was making three houses with a squadron of 5-to-12 year-old relatives. I’m single with no kids of my own. And I live in the city whereas most of my family is suburban. As an auntie and godmother I love bringing the little ones on “city” adventures and being a bridge between Italian and Canadian customs. More...



Sliced Green Tomatoes

Christmas Eve Cider

by Marguerite Dakin


The last note of Silent Night cut unevenly off, the chorus of voices each giving up one by one. There was a moment of silence in the church, broken by a baby’s babble from the back row. Dark faces lit by candles looked down, closing their programs. The lights came back on and voices filled the space again, slightly hushed at first, More...


Sliced Green Tomatoes

Escaping Christmas Dinner

by Emma Pivato


There was the year I made lutefisk for Christmas, just to insert a little of my Swedish heritage into the vast Italian milieu in which I have found myself for the past 45 years. That was a bust. I put it down the garburator. My husband, Joe, was disappointed. He loves fish, parmigiano and radicchio, but he is really picky about all other food. More...




Sliced Green Tomatoes

Holiday Memories

by Valerie Zuliani Di Paolo


Our holiday celebrations always began with Italian Christmas Eve fare: fish and seafood, and our regional specialty of polenta e baccalà. Around nine o’clock, the children clamoured for their gifts, while the adults sipped a grappino.. More...


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Autumn Bounty


by Delia De Santis

I was born in central Italy, in a beautiful green valley. In the summer, the fields were irrigated from the river Melfa, whose pure waters rushed out from underneath a huge rock in the nearby Apennine Mountains. The lands were very fertile, and my father grew not only wheat and corn, but all sorts of green vegetables for our family’s consumption... More...




Sliced Green Tomatoes

Pasta con Piselli

by Christina Sforza


When I was six years old, I broke my leg. During the last kindergarten field trip of the year, I fell off a ledge that led to a fireman’s pole, missing the pole entirely and landing straight on the ground with a disconcerting thud. The days and weeks that followed the fall were traumatizing and life-altering, from the moment I had a steel rod drilled into my leg to the endless weeks I lay in bed until my broken femur slowly healed. More 






Sliced Green TomatoesPreserving Summer’s Latecomers 

by Elizabeth Cinello

Forlorn, hopelessly hanging on, budding too late to reach their full glory, tarty green tomatoes are the latecomers of summer. Packed with promise, they usually wind up on the compost heap of autumn. This year our rainy Ontario summer will produce a bountiful harvest of firm, green, blemished tomatoes. All is not lost... More






Mushrooms Like Paper-Thin Memories

by Giulia De Gasperi


Evenings on Prince Edward Island already smell like autumn. On the boardwalk at the end of each day the air is crisp, and the wind caresses your face in anticipation of long sleeves and steaming mugs of chamomile tea and honey. More...







It's Pomodoro Time

It's Pomodoro Time

by Luigi Palazzini


Every year for the past 32 years of marital bliss (I had to say that for the obvious reasons) on Labour Day weekend, my in-laws have made the succo di pomodoro. We can call it a number of things: "succo, salsa, conserva," or sauce in English. But never, and I mean never, call it "GRAVY!" With all due respect to our American cousins, gravy is what you put on turkey, roast beef, and hot chicken sandwiches – not on any kind of pasta...  More



The Culinary Word on the Street

The Culinary Word on the Street

by Tania Zampini


“Street Food” is a buzzword that has taken over North American urban settings in the past five years. Every city claims trendsetter status, but few remember that behind every food truck – and its chef – is the legacy of a cross-cultural inheritance. In Italy, the only thing older than “street food” is a homemade meal. And in Italy, despite every stereotype surrounding the rhythm of daily life...  More


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