​January 2004



Closing the Information Gap
Congratulations to all the staff at Accenti Magazine. You all deserve to be commended for your publishing initiative. I have thoroughly enjoyed all five issues of your publication. The articles are extremely enjoyable as well as insightful and very informative. As many other of your readers have indicated, the magazine has filled a huge information void, especially for second and third generation Italians who want to have a deeper and more personal understanding of their heritage and culture.
Joseph Lalla, Montreal


You are giving Italians all over a great reputation. Keep up the great work!
Arnaldo Ciarelli, Montreal


I love the name of your magazine as well as its unique articles and excellent concept. I hope its continuance is assured. Congratulations to everyone involved with Accenti.
Antonio Francischiello, Montreal


Italy Revisited
I read with great delight the last issue of Accenti (Issue 1.5). Many of the articles warmed my heart, describing very well my experience as a first-generation Canadian woman of Italian descent. Having taken a group of local youth to Italy this past summer, I especially enjoyed "Italy, Nice Place To Visit, But …" by Joseph Pivato. This article expressed very well what we all concluded from our five-week tour of Italy.
Connie Scerbo-Yunyk, Winnipeg


I must congratulate you for the content of the essays in your last issue of Accenti (Issue 1.5). It is a pleasure to read articles written by mature people with a solid background. Italy is a country where 50 years of government by centre-left parties has convinced everybody that the biggest institution this land has is the "Articolo 18" - an article in our constitution guaranteeing that nobody will be removed from his/her job! What job? If you come here you will see the desperation of brilliant, young graduates struggling to find a rag of a job. And when they finally get a job, they're in prison. Whether they like it or not, they must stay there. "Are you crazy to leave a sure job?" people ask. You will see the happiness of people who, after buying their degree, find as many open doors as they want. In this way Canada really is the land of freedom. In the bon ton essay by Loretta Di Vita, it's nice to see that the writer can maintain a good equilibrium between style and substance; avoiding to fall in the baroque representation of ladies drinking their tea with their mignoletto alzato! Finally (of great importance to me), I do appreciate the quality of the paper you use. I still remember my hands completely smeared by ink reading Time magazine.
Andrea L񯤺, Rome


Meucci's Echo
Basilio Catania's article about Antonio Meucci and the invention of the telephone (Issue 3) tells a story we can all learn from.
Caesar J. B. Squitti, Thunder Bay



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