​January 2004


Prime Minister Paul Martin In His Own Words…

Accenti COVER STORY : Prime Minister Paul Martin In His Own Words…
Prime Minister Paul Martin
"There are people who have come (to this country) who have qualifications, but we do not recognize them. This is unacceptable."
— Montreal Town Hall, April 27, 2003


"I think that the manifestation of our culture in terms of our identity is absolutely crucial. And to be cutting the Canadian Television Fund and then turning the money over to bring in foreign product just doesn't make any sense to me."
— Toronto Town Hall, April 29, 2003.


"Canada has its own interests, and I would not hesitate to express our interests… We must be very concerned about our relationship with the United States, but Canada must not necessarily be the follower."
— Interview with La Presse, April 29, 2003.


"A country is not a balance sheet. Citizens are not just shareholders in a giant corporation called Canada. They must also share in a sense of belonging, a sense of participation in the decisions that affect them. They need to know that we are prepared to turn conventional wisdom on its head; to try new ideas and test old assumptions."
— National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, Toronto, May 25, 2001.


"I would not reduce the GST. I believe that the focus, if we're going to be reducing taxes, ought to be personal income taxes, largely for lower-income and middle-income Canadians, focusing on seniors and young families."
— Montreal Town Hall, April 27, 2003.


"I do not believe that a common currency with the United States would make any sense at all for Canada. (Right now) the Bank of Canada is pursuing a very different interest rate policy than is the U.S. We would be in real trouble if we had a common currency with the United States. Our economy is very, very different from the United States, and when commodity prices rise, we do well, despite the fact that we're a much more service-oriented economy. When commodity prices drop, the Americans do better and we do worse. We would really find ourselves in the worst of all possible worlds."
— Calgary Town Hall, May 1, 2003.


"I don't believe that a young person who is caught with a very, very small quantity (of marijuana) for personal use - who is not trafficking - should have a criminal record for the rest of their lives. I think there should be a fine."
— Montreal Town Hall, April 27, 2003.


"I am not going to change the Clarity Act. What I am going to do is sit down with Jean Charest and all of the other provinces and say let's work together to build a stronger Canada."
— Montreal Town Hall, April 27, 2003.


"I think that climate change is a major international problem, and the only way you solve these problems is through international solutions. I think that Kyoto is the best solution available to us."
— Toronto Town Hall, April 29, 2003.



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