As we settle into the fall season, many of us return to a more structured daily life style: students and teachers are returning to school, some of us may be preparing to join in traditional autumn activities such as bottling tomato sauce, making wine and planting tulip bulbs, or simply catching up on our reading! September is the time to harvest our garden produce and take stock of the things we've done.


In keeping with this mood, several articles in this issue take stock in a different way. In our cover story Raymond Culos draws our attention to the long-anticipated exhibit on Italian Canadians - Presenza, which will be on display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization until September 2004. In our feature story Pasquale Verdicchio recalls his first encounter with Guernica Editions, a unique publishing house, and traces its development and contributions over the last twenty-five years; Domenic Cusmano interviews its founder, Antonio D'Alfonso.


Raymond Culos presents a snapshot of his old Italian neighbourhood in Vancouver, as past and present residents get ready for a big reunion this October. Bruna Di Giuseppe Bertoni reports on the Valigia d'Oro Award, which recognizes community pioneers in Ontario. Maria Coletta McLean introduces us to Ottawa's Giovanna (Toscano) Roccamo, who was appointed judge on Ontario's Superior Court in May.


Loretta Di Vita reflects on the "style and substance" of designer clothes, as she views Marisa Minicucci's fall collection. Daniel Pambianchi urges the revival of the home winemaking tradition, with some simple tips for home winemakers. In our Commentary section, Franco Ricci discusses the duality of the Italian Canadian identity and Italy's sudden realization of the vast resource that italiani nel mondo represent.


This issue's fiction section features two short stories: Edward Fiorelli's prize-winning How an Emperor Helped Lorenzo Da Ponte Get to America and Gaetano Di Falco's Long Espresso - the sequel to Short Espresso which appeared in our May/June issue. Gilda Morina Syverson provides some touching imagery with her award-winning poem One All Souls' Day.


Ken Scambray reviews Lawrence DiStasi's Una Storia Segreta: The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II, reminding us once again of the struggles faced by our forebears. In our Backstage News section, Anna Foschi Ciampolini introduces us to a fresh face in theatre, actress-playwright Lucia Frangione.


Some of our stories are local, others are national, and still others attempt to bridge the gap between Italy and Canada. Accenti contributors have writing styles and perspectives as diverse as the regions they write from. Let us know which articles you enjoyed, which ones you found useful, and the topics that most interest you. Thanks for your continued support.


Licia Canton



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