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July 2003


Gigi D'Alessio World Tour Stops in Montreal  by  Chiara Laricchiuta


Gigi D'Alessio World Tour Stops in Montreal

By Chiara Laricchiuta


Gigi D'Alessio, one of Italy's newest singing sensations, lit up the stage at the University of Montreal Concert Hall last April. The concert was the last of his 2003 world tour which saw him tour Read More...

Building the Canada-Italy Bridge  by  Corrado Paina


Building the Canada-Italy Bridge

By Corrado Paina


n December 2001, Italy's Minister of Foreign Trade, Adolfo Urso, headed a business delegation to Canada, sponsored by the newly created Canada-Italy Business Council (CIBC). During his visit to Read More...

Interview with Basilio Catania  by  Domenic Cusmano

Cover Story

Interview with Basilio Catania

By Domenic Cusmano


Basilio Catania was born in Sicily in 1926 and moved to Milan at the age of three. He received a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the Milan Polytechnical School in 1952. After completing his studies, he. Read More...

 In Search of Divine Connection  by  Isabella Colalillo Katz


In Search of Divine Connection

By Isabella Colalillo Katz


In The Honeymoon Wilderness (Mansfield, 2002), Pier Giorgio Di Cicco writes the kind of poetry that traces the cartography of the ordinary acts of living and how they make contact with Read More...

The Light and Sky in Winnipeg  by  Carmelo Militano


The Light and Sky in Winnipeg

By Carmelo Militano


This sunlight belongs in a Mediterranean harbour

Day After Day  by  Elettra Bedon


Day After Day

By Elettra Bedon


I am scribbling these notes moments before departure.

Coming Home  by  Elvira Truglia


Coming Home

By Elvira Truglia


Una mattina mi son svegliata ed ero a Roma. Chants of "Fuori laguerra dalla storia, Fuori l'Italia dalla guerra" kept protesters in step. Red banners were everywhere Read More...

Mazzega's Mastery  by  Raymond Culos


Mazzega's Mastery

By Raymond Culos


Tony Mazzega is as a chiselled gem in the crown of achievements fashioned by post-war Italo-Canadians. His repertoire amazes: 101 carved pieces, mostly items of clothing Read More...

The True Story Behind the Invention of the Telephone  by  Basilio Catania

Cover Story

The True Story Behind the Invention of the Telephone

By Basilio Catania


When, around the spring of 1989, I was told by a journalist that that year was the 100th anniversary of Antonio Meucci's death (which occurred in Staten Island, New York, on October 19, 1889) Read More...

 La Storia Nascosta  by  Kenneth Scambray

View from acrpss the 49th Parallel

La Storia Nascosta

By Kenneth Scambray


In the unusual spelling of my family name lies a significant aspect of North American Italian culture. Schembri is the original spelling of.. Read More...

Women's Night Out  by  Maria Coletta McLean


Women's Night Out

By Maria Coletta McLean


On a cold April Wednesday, when it seemed that winter in Toronto would never end, 145 women left the comfort of home and hearth and ventured out to Read More...

Canadian Designers Acclaimed in Milan  by  Julia M. Chiarella-Genoni


Canadian Designers Acclaimed in Milan

By Julia M. Chiarella-Genoni


This year for the first time, the city of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce organized a competition to exhibit the works of international designers... Read More...

La Finestra  by  Valerie V. Deacon

Neighbourhood Snapshot

La Finestra

By Valerie V. Deacon


In the summer of love, I was 12 years old and living a white bread existence in the west end of Toronto the Good. Our house, a one and a half story, Read More...


From our Readers


Accenti is a wonderful magazine with a variety of articles about Italian Canadian people and culture. Delia De Santis' Call Display was not just a fun and uplifting story to read, but something quite. Read More...

 by  Domenic Cusmano

From our Publisher

By Domenic Cusmano


Last April I was privileged to be invited to the Minister's Forum on Diversity and Culture, a two-day affair organized by the Department of Canadian Heritage Read More...

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