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Fall 2012


The Food We Eat by Licia Canton

From the Editor

The Food We Eat

By Licia Canton


"You are what you eat," according to the old saying - the idea being that you can stay fit and healthy by eating right. But there is more to food than just having a balanced diet. A great part of Read More...









Being a Two in a Game of Briscola by Mark Bednarczyk


Being a Two in a Game of Briscola

By Mark Bednarczyk


When one thinks of Italian culture and its influences upon civilization, what usually comes to mind are the names of masters like da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto, Dante, Verdi and Read More...


Celebrating Italian Food by Giulia De Gasperi, Guest Editor

Eating Italian

Celebrating Italian Food

By Giulia De Gasperi, Guest Editor


I have decided that I do not want an engagement ring. What I want instead is an engagement kitchen. I have never been much of a jewellery lover anyway. I thought I was not a cooking lover either,Read More...


Castagne to Go: Chronicle of a Chestnut Lover by Luciano Pradal

Eating Italian

Castagne to Go: Chronicle of a Chestnut Lover

By Luciano Pradal


It all started in 2007 when I retired from my job as a stationary engineer and began a new career as a tourist guide for Italians visiting Ottawa. Oh no, wait! Read More...


Zucchini and the Contadini: An Apocryphal Tale  by  Loretta Gatto-White

Eating Italian

Zucchini and the Contadini: An Apocryphal Tale

By Loretta Gatto-White


A Holy Trinity of Italian vegetables exists, in the popular imagination at least, as zucchini, tomatoes and eggplant, a membership I challenge on the grounds that zucchini are not quite as Read More...


Pressing Wine and Dancing the Tarantella  by Laura Sanchini

Eating Italian

Pressing Wine and Dancing the Tarantella

By Laura Sanchini


Wine always reminds me of my grandfather. I can't remember the first time I tasted wine, but fuzzy memories aside, I can say for certain that it was probably at my grandparents' house. The red Read More...


A Table for Two in Sicily  by  John Estano deRoche & Constance Pennacchio deRoche

Eating Italian

A Table for Two in Sicily

By John Estano deRoche & Constance Pennacchio deRoche


Life beneath the sea is complex and diverse. What luck for Mediterranean islanders! Over centuries, Sicilians have crafted their richly imaginative cuisines around these gifts. And what luck for Read More...


Cicoria Roadside Stories by  Maria L. Ierfino

Eating Italian

Cicoria Roadside Stories

By Maria L. Ierfino


Many Italian immigrants who came to America in the last century were certainly disappointed when they did not find the fabled streets paved in gold. But others were surely heartened when Read More...


Food Companion Wanted  by Elizabeth Cinello

Eating Italian

Food Companion Wanted

By Elizabeth Cinello


The park sits in a deep dip on Caledonia Road just before the street climbs a steep hill, probably the steepest in the city. It's morning and nobody's around. The grass glistens in the Read More...


The Anthropology of Fire by Eufemia Fantetti


The Anthropology of Fire

By Eufemia Fantetti


Monday, 9 a.m. Not writing.


Italy in Lockdown by  Gianna Patriarca


Italy in Lockdown

By Gianna Patriarca


Dim, dreary morning, the forecast calls for rain. The writer stands at the window. She prefers looking outside to staring at the blank page. A squirrel is Read More...


Cycling in Sardegna by  Darlene Madott


Cycling in Sardegna

By Darlene Madott


"Time is not a measure of distance," Francesca's son, Marco, says to her when she tells him the cycles last about four hours. It is the night before their first giro in Sardegna. Read More...


 Lost Innocence, Tragic Obsessions by Terri Favro


Lost Innocence, Tragic Obsessions

By Terri Favro


An intimate, haunting character study; a scathing satire of celebrity culture; an epic love story set against the horrors of a genocidal war. Although different from one another in scope and style, the Read More...


Rainbow Over the Adriatic  by  Charles Criminisi

Capturing an Italian Moment

Rainbow Over the Adriatic

By Charles Criminisi


"My wife's family has a home in San Vito Chietino, Abruzzo, a picturesque town on the Adriatic Sea that we visit most summers. One day last summer, a flash storm swept through . Read More...


Silence You Can Almost Hear by  Robert Savelli

The Last Word

Silence You Can Almost Hear

By Robert Savelli


Antonio told us, "we Pugliesi are people of the sea, our port is always open." Antonio was from Fasano, Puglia. When we asked for directions, he took us directly to our location, gave us Read More...


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