April 6, 2012


From Under a Linden Tree

Anthony M. Pignataro (Illustrated by Gerard Brender à Brandis)

Sarum House, 2011

From Under a Linden Tree is the first book-length gathering of poetry and prose resulting from twenty years of inspirational walks by the writer through his garden. This collection of poems, meditations, and personal essays invites the reader to walk beside the author on this thoughtful journey. His calm steady voice reassures the reader with a sense of companionship as he travels with him through the four seasons.

The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi’s Italy

Maurizio Viroli (transl. Antony Shugaar)

Princeton, 2012

Italy is a country of free political institutions, yet it has become a nation of servile courtesans, with Silvio Berlusconi as their prince. This is the controversial argument that Italian political philosopher and Machiavelli biographer Maurizio Viroli puts forward in The Liberty of Servants. Drawing upon the classical republican conception of liberty, Viroli shows that a people can be unfree even though they are not oppressed. This condition of unfreedom arises as a consequence of being subject to the arbitrary or enormous power of men like Berlusconi, who presides over Italy with his control of government and the media, immense wealth, and infamous lack of self-restraint.

Sicily, Land of Forgotten Dreams

Michelle Alfano and Venera Fazio, Guest Co-Editors

Descant 154, 2011

“Visions of Sicily are as old as Homer, older even, old as myth itself. For Sicily is an enchanted island, desired by gods and men alike,” writes Karen Mulhallen in the preface. This special issue of Descant collects the works – essays, memoirs, poetry, fiction and photographs – of some 50 contributors from Canada, the US, Italy and beyond, and brings to life the mystery, allure and contrasts of one of Italy’s most diverse and fascinating cultures.

Injustice Served: The Story of British Columbia’s Italian Enemy Aliens During World War II

Raymond Culos

Cusmano Books, 2012

In Injustice Served, Raymond Culos documents the complicated story of Italians living in British Columbia before World War II, suspected of being fascist. Based on archival research and personal testimonies, Culos illustrates the sense of frustration, anger and mortification felt by hundreds of loyal citizens who were arrested or required to report monthly to the RCMP. The author reveals that numerous Italian Canadian servicemen were on active duty, some overseas, while members of their families were being watched by the authorities. The book challenges readers to decide whether justice or injustice was served in the treatment of BC’s Italian “enemy aliens” during the war.

McCord's Quiet Rebellion

M.L. Ierfino-Adornato

Chronicler Publishing, 2012

McCord's Quiet Rebellion, set in eighteenth century Montreal, is M. L. Ierfino-Adornato’s first historical novel. The affluent and affable Mary McCord, first-born daughter of British Loyalist, Thomas McCord, is the story’s intriguing heroine, an aspiring writer in search of her true identity, but all the while concealing this from those around her. A reverent non-conformist who converts to Catholicism, Mary experiences her own “quiet rebellion” as does Canada, against the backdrop of the French, Irish and American revolutions.


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