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Spring 2012


Looking Back, Moving Forward  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Looking Back, Moving Forward

By Licia Canton


This issue of Accenti marks the closing chapter on the "Internment" project – a project we have worked on in collaboration with Guernica Editions and the Association of Italian Canadians Writers. Read More...







The KoSA 17th Annual International Precussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival will take place in Castleton, Vermont, from July 24th to 29th, and is open for beginners, professionals, and everyone else in between. Read More...


Detective Joe Ricci: One of Vancouver's Finest  by  Ray Culos


Detective Joe Ricci: "One of Vancouver's Finest"

By Ray Culos


The story of Vancouver police detective Joe Ricci reads like a Mickey Spillane novel: intrigue, shootings, killings, drugs and prostitutes. Read More...


Susan Bertioa Stars in Fresco  by  Carina Clark


Susan Bertioa Stars in Fresco

By Carina Clark


Susan Bertioa is a force of nature. She is energetic, enthusiastic and very passionate about her work as a theatre artist. Read More...


Special Agent 203: The Motivations of Augusto Bersani  by  Travis Tomchuk

Special Feature

Special Agent 203: The Motivations of Augusto Bersani

By Travis Tomchuk


For Vincenzo Monaco, Monday, 10 June 1940, began as another typically long day of bread deliveries for Corona Bakery - a business he and his brother Donato had started in the early 1930s. Read More...


Montreal, a Patchwork City of Design  by  Nachammai Raman


Montreal, a Patchwork City of Design

By Nachammai Raman


A cross between the brash New York huckster and the fun-loving Parisian artist, Montreal is the entrepreneurial designer. Read More...


Where One Hears a Noise Like This  by  Ernesto Livorni


Where One Hears a Noise Like This

By Ernesto Livorni


When nonno Carmine Fortunato's family stopped hearing from him, they thought what people often thought when a husband and father suddenly stopped writing: "He started a new life!" Read More...


The Surprise of Old Age  by  Federico Moramarco


The Surprise of Old Age

By Federico Moramarco


Age seventy. Here it comes. Whoops, there it went. Arriving unbidden of course, and slipping by like a stealth jet underneath the radar of my life. Read More...



Books et Al






Salvatore Ala, Poet of Clarity  by  Venera Fazio


Salvatore Ala, Poet of Clarity

By Venera Fazio


"They are poems of integrity and clarity, and many of them possess a startling beauty," writes Canadian author Alistair MacLeod on the back cover of Salvatore Ala's first book of poems, Clay of the Maker (1998). Read More...


Happy Laundry  by  Shannon Stirone

Capturing an Italian Moment

Happy Laundry

By Shannon Stirone


"The island of Burano, near Venice, is famous for its colourful buildings. A casual stroll through its narrow alleyways brought me to an enclosed space between buildings where laundry was hung to dry. Read More...


Carta Musica  by  Loretta Gatto-White

Eating Italian

Carta Musica

By Loretta Gatto-White


I love baking breads of all kinds. I find the process by which a slightly gooey lump of flour, water and leavening can change - thanks to the human hand and the application of heat - into a magnificent, complex and ultimately satisfying invention. Read More...


Italians as Victims?   by  Domenic Cusmano

The Last Word

Italians as Victims?

By Domenic Cusmano


There is something peculiar, even uncomfortable, about the idea of portraying Italians as victims. Italians: confident men and sophisticated women, descendants of Roman conquerors, framers of laws and order, inventors and exporters of Renaissance ideals, heirs to the Catholic tradition on whose behalf the European powers of the day "civilized" the world. Read More...


Cover concept: Shannon Shirone was a finalist in the 4th Annual Accenti Photo Competiton

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