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Winter 2012


The Year That Was  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

The Year That Was

By Licia Canton


The end of the year is always a time to look back and assess what we have accomplished - and what we plan to do in the future (the stuff that didn't get done in the year that just ended because we... ran out of time). Read More...







When immigrants arrive in Canada, they are typically in better health than their Canadian-born counterparts, according to a study released by Statistics Canada. However, this "healthy immigrant effect" may gradually diminish over time. Read More...


The Year That Was  by  Licia Canton


The Year That Was

By Licia Canton


For land dwellers, road rage is normal. But Venice is built on water - a soft medium whose soothing influence has all but eliminated the need for confrontations on the canals. Read More...


Remembering Italian Canadians Interned During the Second World War by

Special Section

Remembering Italian Canadians Interned During the Second World War



This is the second in a series of two special sections commemorating the internment of Italian Canadians during the Second World War. Read More...


Angel of Petawawa  by  Terri Favro

Special Section

Angel of Petawawa

By Terri Favro


She looked like a pin-up of Betty Grable, hair curled into seductive blonde sausages, nakes shoulders like two perfectly rounded scoops of ice cream. Read More...


Hello to Our Friends, if There Are Any Left  by  Paula Mascioli and Giulia De Gasperi

Special Section

Hello to Our Friends, if There Are Any Left

By Paula Mascioli and Giulia De Gasperi


Leo wondered how much longer he had to wait. He was nervous, of course, but not worried. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong. Read More...


Horses  by  Darlene Madott

Special Section


By Darlene Madott


My father, John Madott, served for five years in the Sault St. Marie Regiment during the Second World War. Sent out west, one of his reluctant duties was to guard the way, as Japanese Canadians were interned Read More...


Flora and Bruno  by  Terri Favro


Flora and Bruno

By Terri Favro


Flora and Bruno drive for hours - her fault, partly. Curled up in the front seat of the stolen Impala in a nightie and Bruno's Blackhawks jersey, Flora demands, "Show me Niagara Falls!" Read More...



Boosk et Al




The festive season brings on the urge to create beauty and transform our surroundings into something magical and mysterious - an urge which seems to be at the heart of the fanciful figures, wreaths, illuminations and other embellishments we stage on and in our homes. Read More...


Ribbons and Bows  by  Loretta Gatto-White

Eating Italian

Ribbons and Bows

By Loretta Gatto-White


I took the photo in Napoli's iconic Piazza del Plebiscito. The pattern of the soldiers marching in formation initially caught my attention Read More...


Guanti Bianchi  by  Robert Norton

Italian Moment

Guanti Bianchi

By Robert Norton


In a flurry of sticky fingers, we drop our chance in the box and nod to the man with the moustache. He says hello, or thank you, or you need six more euro, but we don't understand because neither of us bothered to read the conversation guide, and Anne's first-year Italian proved to be useless before we even got off the plane Read More...


Devotion  by  Kim Clarke

The Last Word


By Kim Clarke




Cover photo: Robert Norton won third prize in the 4th Annual Accenti Photo Competiton

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