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Summer 2011


Bequeathing a Rich Heritage   by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Bequeathing a Rich Heritage

By Licia Canton


The refrain that we often hear is how difficult it is to get young people to connect to their cultural roots – that young people don't care much about the language and heritage of their parents and grandparents. Read More...







In 1961 the Canadian-Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA) in Montreal was one of the first Italian Canadian organizations to launch a bursary program. Read More...


And the Band Plays on…  by  Michael Mirolla


And the Band Plays on…

By Michael Mirolla


Montreal's oldest italian organisation, the Order Sons of Italy, is also the city's oldest Italian band – and they have the photos to prove it! Read More...


Volumes Commemorate Italian Internees  by  Jim Zucchero

Sepcial Section

Volumes Commemorate Italian Internees

By Jim Zucchero


The Community Historical Recognition Program instituted by the Government of Canada is a welcome step in exposing past wrongs and trying to gain new understanding of problematic historical events. Read More...


When Mass Hysteria Leads to Injustice  by  Jim Zucchero

Sepcial Section

When Mass Hysteria Leads to Injustice

By Jim Zucchero


Revisiting and re-examining difficult episodes from our past, allows us to become attuned to the lessons of history that can inform and guide our social policies, laws and practices. Read More...


Italian Enemy Aliens: How Canada Declared War on Its Own Citizens  by  Michael Mirolla

Sepcial Section

Italian Enemy Aliens: How Canada Declared War on Its Own Citizens

By Michael Mirolla


"Sending civilians to internment camp without trial simply because of ethnic origin was not then, is not now and never will be accepted in a civilized nation that purports to respect the rule of law…" - Then-Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney, Nov. 2, 1990 Read More...


Alfonso Gagliano, Life After Politics  by  Agata De Santis


Alfonso Gagliano, Life After Politics

By Agata De Santis


Alfonso Gagliano hopes that his legacy will be more than just a long political career that ended in scandal. Months away from his seventieth birthday, Gagliano doesn't follow politics anymore, despite spending almost twenty years in federal politics. Right now, his focus is on winemaking. Read More...


 Moon Hill  by  Nuala Ní Chonchúir


Moon Hill

By Nuala Ní Chonchúir


The lunar haze over Knocknarea draws my eye up to Queen Maeve's cairn as I stand at the sink... Maeve had a wayward husband or two, I think, and a clatter of sons; but she also got the daughter she wanted. Read More...


Rome-Art  by  Vincent de Groot

Capturing an Italian Moment


By Vincent de Groot


"Two men stand before a doorway in a narrow street somewhere in Rome. One man hands the other a frame. Is it a painting or a photograph? Who is the buyer?.... Read More...


Thunder Bay to LA: Dina Morrone's Moose play  by  Robert Buranello


Thunder Bay to LA: Dina Morrone's Moose play

By Robert Buranello


It might seem unlikely that a two-act play written by an Italian Canadian about a displaced moose and displaced Calabrian immigrants in the fictional town of Way up Bay" – inspired by the playwright's hometown of Thunder Bay – could have a successful run in Hollywood. Read More...


Fellini Summer  by  Terri Favro


Fellini Summer

By Terri Favro


The gala to launch the Fellini Spectacular Obsessions Exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox this summer seemed to prove the long-held suspicion that if you want to attend a fun party in Toronto, go to one thrown by Italians. Read More...


A Wild Harvest  by  Loretta Gatto-White

Eating Italian

A Wild Harvest

By Loretta Gatto-White


Seasonal foraging, the kind your nonno did, is more popular now than ever; in spring we scour the ditches for fiddleheads, the fields for tender sorrel and cicoria… Read More...


 Dilemmas of a Social Network Addict   by  Luigi Palazzini

The Last Word

Dilemmas of a Social Network Addict

By Luigi Palazzini


All of a sudden, the twit in me has re-surfaced and I've been tweeting away. I've decided to lay down the dirt, or in layman's terms share an opinion or two, about social networks (nice title for a movie). Read More...


Cover photo: Marcel van Balken. First place winner of the 4th Accenti Photo Competition.

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