Spring 2011



2010 Bressani Prizes Awarded

The Biennial F.G. Bressani Prize was inaugurated in 1986 to celebrate the literary accomplishments of Italian-Canadians. The prize was established to honour and promote the literary work of Canadian writers of Italian origin or Italian descent. On November 30, the 2010 winners were honoured at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. Accenti associate editor Michael Mirolla was awarded the prize for fiction for his ­novel, Berlin. The prize for short fiction was granted to Michelle Alfano for Made Up of Arias, a novella. This Nothing’s Place, a collection of poems by Pasquale Verdicchio, won the prize for poetry. Caterina Edwards picked up the final prize in the category of emigration from Italy for her memoir Finding Rosa.


Anna Chiappa and Gina Valle Win CEMA Awards

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) Award honours Canadian journalists who work to promote intercultural diversity. For 2010 the CEMA Award for best television documentary went to Gina Valle for The Last Rite, a documentary about how different cultures deal with death and dying. The Canadian Ethnic Media Association also presented Anna Chiappa with the prestigious Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award, in recognition of her work on multiculturalism. Chiappa, a documentary producer and director, is known for such films as Fallen Heroes (Eroi Caduti) and S.O.S. Arandora Star.




Fiat 500: Returning to Canadian Streets

When the first Fiat factory opened in Corso Dante, Turin, Italy in 1900, the company’s goal was to create a car whose aesthetic “enhanced,” rather than disrupted, the Italian scenery through which it would be driven. The new Fiat 500 will soon be seen motoring down a different landscape: that of Canada. After a 25-year hiatus, the Fiat 500 will again be sold in Canada. When the first 500 model emerged in Italy in 1957, it was labelled by its designer as a “scooter with a roof.” In 2007, the company re-launched the 500 in honour of its 50 years on the road; the 250,000 people in attendance at its launch party suggests that today the Fiat 500 is seen as something more than a hooded scooter.

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Italian-Canadian Songstress Reconnecting to Roots

Toronto resident and celebrated singer/songwriter Daniela Nardi’s most recent album, The Rose Tattoo, brought her widespread acclaim. In 2009, Nardi was named Best Female Vocalist at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, as well as Reader’s Pick for Female Vocalist for Now Magazine’s Best of Toronto 2009. That same year, Nardi travelled to New York City for musical inspiration and returned to Canada with a desire to write and sing in her mother tongue: Italian. The result is Espresso Manifesto, Nardi’s third album, which is set for release in Fall 2011. The album will combine Nardi’s compositions with those of some of Italy’s greats.


Moustachioed for Movember


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The word “moustache” may have its roots from the Italian, but in November it was Canada that was overrun by an excess of facial hair. Movember is a global health charity campaign that urges men to grow moustaches in the month of November in an effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Although the movement began in Australia, for the first time Canadians have raised the most money for the cause – over $15 million.




The Wines of Puglia

Favoured by climate and soil, Puglia is yet another Italian region that lends itself to the production of fine wine – something that its local winemakers have only recently started to exploit and present to the rest of the world. Located literally on the heel of the “boot” country, the territory, which is characterized by a lush rural landscape, rounded peaks and slender beaches, hardly registers in the imagination of most people. Like the region, its characteristic dark, full-bodied nectar will be a pleasant surprise to those willing to experiment with it. The concern is that Italy’s south is too hot and sunny to produce high-quality wines. This concern was quickly dispelled at recent wine-tasting seminars held in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal with a consortium of Puglian wine producers. Combining modern techniques with traditional practices, Puglian wine producers are proving that they can keep pace with and often surpass their fellow-Italian counterparts. Among the wineries participating in the seminars were Albea, Alberto Longo, Cefalicchio, Coppa d’Oro, D’Alfonso del Sordo, L’Antica Cantina, Spagnoletti Zeuli, Tormaresca, Torrevento, Vallone, Vigne e Vini, coordinated by Divino Wine Studio in Ottawa. For more information, see winesofpuglia.com. 


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Source: The Montreal Gazette

Compiled by Melanie Tutino

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