Spring 2010





The eviction of the insolvent artist


by Corrado Paina


I had not thought death had undone so many. 

(The Waste Land – T.S. Eliot)



The fallen are many

only the lucky ones

and the most eloquent prevail

in the pantheistic city

art is a corpse exhibited prudishly in squares and colosseums

the industry of the corpse prospers

subjugated by municipal ruling


public art believes it exists

architecture believes it exists

museums believe they are real

artists believe that language can reach the sky


there are no barricades

along the decumanus and the cardo

to stop the pompous stagecoaches of art


another museum

another temple for fast religions

municipal councils open museums and casinos

and churches temples stadiums

but we will return to this matter...


Toronto you don’t need perennial buildings

your story is mercurial

your human element is immortal

it is not museumable

museums are not the voice of air

the air that freezes decay

the air that gives death to art

the air that gives life to art







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