Summer 2009




Change and Renewal


by Domenic Cusmano



Change is typically an on-going and gradual process, as evolution in the Darwinian sense seems to suggest. But as the last few months have shown, sometimes change comes about suddenly and in ways we least expect. To wit, the election of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States and the current global economic and financial crisis, not to mention the purchase of the Chrysler car company by Fiat! Of course, one can argue that what appears like a sudden change was a long time in the making. Again, the three examples above can be cited. Still, no matter how strong the evidence that change is coming (or is needed!), the natural tendency is to resist it until it actually takes over and launches us in a new direction. This means doing away with predictable outcomes and adapting to ever-changing patterns, until the proverbial dust settles.


Like most of the world, the current economic crisis has had an impact on the publication of Accenti. It has meant relying on fewer financial and human resources to maintain the same level of quality and originality. Despite the difficulties, this has been achieved in this issue thanks to our contributors, personnel and volunteers. I am hopeful that you, our reader, will agree!

  Accenti FROM THE PUBLISHER  Change and Renewal Domenic Cusmano

Last April we celebrated the winners of our annual Accenti Awards. A particular mention goes to first place winners Ivano Stocco originally from Guelph, Ontario for his story “Lost Worlds” and Robert T. Norton from Toronto for his photograph “Passeggiata.” Their works are published in this issue (the works of other winners will be published in forthcoming issues). This issue takes readers to a seemingly disparate series of locations – Sorrento in a story by Sheila Wright, Ottawa’s Pub Italia in a feature by Franco Ricci, a skating rink on Montreal’s West Island in a story by Jim McRae, and a caffè in Montreal’s East End in a story by Licia Canton, among others – but all are linked by that indelible quality that finds its essence in the joy of living “all’italiana!”


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