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Summer 2009


Change and Renewal  by  Domenic Cusmano

From the Publisher

Change and Renewal

By Domenic Cusmano


Change is typically an on-going and gradual process, as evolution in the Darwinian sense seems to suggest. But as the last few months have shown, sometimes change comes about... Read More...







Liberal MP for Saint-Léonard/Saint-Michel Massimo Pacetti's bill, dedicated to rectifying injustices carried out against Italian-Canadians during World War II, was passed through second reading in the House of Commons... Read More...


The Healing Gift of Music  by  Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni

The Healing Gift of Music

By Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


Virtually everyone in the Italian Canadian population remembers when they first learned of the terrible earthquake that struck the region of l'Aquila in Abruzzo on April 6, 2009. Worldwide... Read More...


The Abruzzo Eartquake Affects Us All  by  Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni

The Abruzzo Eartquake Affects Us All

By Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


"There were almost 300 deaths in the earthquake tragedy, but tens of thousands of lives have been affected, throughout Abruzzo and around the world. "This is the lasting impression... Read More...


Lost Words  by  Ivano Stocco


Lost Words

By Ivano Stocco


Your dad's got my car in the shed," she tells me over the phone. "In the shed?" I say. "He knocked down the shed. You mean the driveway." "Yeah, well, over there." Read More...


Pub Italia, Preston Street  by  Franco Ricci


Pub Italia, Preston Street

By Franco Ricci


A tall moustachioed figure slides into the bench before me. Setting down a tall pint of Guinness and a flagon of Belgian ale, he says, "Ciao," and extends his hand. "I'm Joe." Belgian Ale?. Read More...


Pizza Passione  by  Robert T. Norton


Pizza Passione

By Robert T. Norton


Napoli, bella Napoli, is a quixotic mixture of humanity with a captivating and seductive character that is unlike any other city in Italy. In Napoli, passion pervades. Read More...


At Capo di Sorrento  by  Sheila Wright


At Capo di Sorrento

By Sheila Wright


At Capo di Sorrento, I leap from the orange Circumvesuviana bus and dash through olive groves down the cobbled path to the sea. Old Adamo is waiting. I can see him waving from the Read More...


He Shoots, Il Segnare  by  Jim McRae


He Shoots, Il Segnare

By Jim McRae


The tuxedoed violinist takes his position at centre "stage" and launches into heartfelt renditions of the Canadian and Italian national anthems. The gentleman to his right, fittingly dressed Read More...


The Birthday Suit  by  Tony Franceschini


The Birthday Suit

By Tony Franceschini


Jimmy Barbucci slept peacefully through the continuing devastation of the Asian markets. He always awoke famished, unperturbed by the streak of bad news from Europe. Whether the Read More...


Easter Morning  by  Licia Canton


Easter Morning

By Licia Canton


Can I hold your hand?" he asked softly. She looked at her hand, then at his. Their fingertips were millimetres apart as they sat across from each other in the east-end coffee shop Read More...


Passeggiata  by  Robert T. Norton

Capturing an Italian Moment


By Robert T. Norton


"'Passeggiata' was taken in the main piazza of Ravello on a warm December morning. The scene came upon me as I exited a café, having just fuelled up on an espresso and a Read More...


Glamour Gladiator  by  Robert T. Norton

Capturing an Italian Moment

Glamour Gladiator

By Robert T. Norton


"'Glamour Gladiator' emerged in bella Roma in May of 2007. For me this image is an ironic blend of visual elements that could have only come together in Italy. The costumed Centurion Read More...



Accenti Award Winners




The Fourth Annual Accenti Magazine Awards were held on April 24, 2009, at the 11th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. The 2009 Awards featured the winners Read More...


Finding Rosa  by  Caterina Edward Reviewed by Joseph Pivato


Finding Rosa

By Caterina Edward Reviewed by Joseph Pivato


Caterina Edwards' latest book, Finding Rosa: A Mother with Alzheimer's, a Daughter in Search of the Past (Greystone Books, Douglas & McIntyre, 2008, 304 pages), is the best story out of... Read More...


Sul Mar Tirreno  by  Ilona Martonfi


Sul Mar Tirreno

By Ilona Martonfi


Woman in black dress hanging clothes out


Shakespeare Unbound  by  Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni

The Last Word

Shakespeare Unbound

By Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


The article about John Florio by Lamberto Tassinari, ("In Search of William Shakespeare: Was the Bard Really Italian?" Accenti, Issue 15) was a cute little appetizer for readers Read More...


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