Summer/Fall 2008




Birth and Death on Vacation by the Shore of the Mediterranean Sea


At a table for three,

By the shore of the Mediterranean Sea,

Under an umbrella,

Sipping Campari on the rocks,

Listening to the waves,

After a particularly busy season,

Finally relaxing,

Birth and Death

Sit together in conversation.


“You see, it’s like this,”

Death says.

“You bring them in

And I take them out,

We merely provide the entrances and exits.”


“But it’s Life that kills them,” Birth replied.

“Is it any wonder that Life’s not here?

He has no time for a vacation,

He’s too busy grinding victims.”


“Suffering is all Life’s fault.”

On this they did agree

And they clinked their glasses in cheer,

Feeling good about their work

As the soft sea wind cooled their heels.


by Frank Giorno



Originally published in Arrivederci! Plastic-Covered Couch, (Lyricalmyrical Press, 2008.)

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