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Mary di Michele: Essays on Her Works

Edited by Joseph Pivato

Guernica, 2007, 214 pp.

Mary di Michele is an extraordinary voice in Canadian poetry. She explores the human experience with frankness and sensitivity. She also chronicles the experiences of ethnic minority women with sharp images and memorable poetic lines. The essays in this volume examine the full range of her works, especially Luminous Emergencies and Debriefing the Rose.




Gil Fagiani

Rain Mountain Press, 2007, 75 pp.

In his first book of poetry, Gil Fagiani is a rook, “the deepest bucket of whale shit in the deepest part of the ocean,” as the epigram tells us. The reader follows the poet through freshman year at Pennsylvania Military College, Class of 1967, where the spotlight is on the time-honoured discipline that transforms young men into elite warriors. We sit with him on the third floor of Howell Hall, “zipped up in his cadet blouse/hair cut back to the bone.” Fagiani's language, sometimes gritty and humorous, is always energized and passionate. He suspends his poems often in midair, shocking them into silence.



I thought elvis was italian

Domenico Capilongo

Wolsak and Wynn, 2008, 88 pp.

Capilongo blends Italy, Canada, and Japan, the cultures he loves, to draft vers libre as scintillation as sonnets and as heart-felt as haiku. These marvellous, passionate poems sing with insight. Here is a rich poetic banquet, combining hearty entrees with just the right proportion of inventive garnishes and sweets. Capilongo's toughly realistic accounts of growing up Italian-Canadian are the equivalent, from a younger generation, of Gianna Patriarca's; his love poems have exquisite tenderness; the poems on martial arts and travels to Asia enlighten us on other cultures and lands; and the book's final section confronts the extremities of life's end and its new beginnings with courage and wisdom.



Missioni di Ieri, Frontiere di Oggi

Anna M. Zampieri Pan

Editrice Veneta, 2007, 140 pp.

Anna M Zampieri Pan presenta una selezione di articoli scritti nell’ultimo decennio, pubblicati dal Messaggero di sant’Antonio nella diffusissima edizione speciale per gli italiani nel mondo. Appunti di viaggio, impressioni, sintesi di notizie raccolte intervistando persone, visitando chiese e villaggi, centri culturali e musei, dove il passato rivive nel suo significato di causa e fondamento delle realtà odierne.



The Walls of Rome

Nic Fields, illustrated by Peter Dennis

Osprey Publishing, 2008, 64 pp.

This book provides a detailed examination of the design, development and construction of the defences of ancient Rome, with a particular focus on the Aurelian Wall – arguably the best preserved of all city walls in the Roman Empire. From the first early ditches and banks thrown up by Rome’s founding fathers, through the 4th-century BC wall created by the Roman king Servius Tullius, to the massive Aurelian Wall built between AD 271 and 275 and it subsequent improvements, this book documents the changing threats faced by the Eternal City. It also looks beyond the classical period and describes the city walls’ role in conflicts stretching up to the 19th century.



Il Cantico dei Cantici

Lettura di Barbara Eforo

Il Narratore Audio Libri, 2008, 43’ 55”.

Il Cantico dei Cantici è considerato uno dei testi più enigmatici e controversi della Bibbia: è un componimento poetico millenario, scritto probabilmente nel IV secolo a. C. È stato fra gli ultimi libri ad essere accolto nella Bibbia ebraica probabilmente perchè non parla né di Dio né di Israele, né è il racconto di una visione profetica. La decisione di inserirlo nelle Sacre Scritture venne presa da un rabbino molto autorevole del I secolo a.C., Rabbi Aqivà di Iavne, che – pur deplorando il fatto che il testo venisse cantato nelle osterie – ne difendeva la sacralità e l’ispirazione divina.



Putamayo Presents Quebec

Putamayo World Music, 2008.

This CD was created in celebration of Québec City’s 400th Anniversary. The capital city of the province, it is home to beautifully preserved colonial architecture that prompted UNESCO to designate it a World Heritage Site. Yet for all of its richness, the music of Québec is not very well known by people outside of the region. We hope that this collection will help change that and encourage you to discover more of the wonderful music this unique province has to offer.



Fast Forward and Other Stories

Delia De Santis

Longbridge Books, 2008, 151 pp

With an economy of words, De Santis builds tension in her short stories. She has a rare talent for reproducing realistic dialogue, dialogue that allows the reader insight into the motivation of her protagonists and the people on the periphery of their world. Her intriguing stories linger in the reader’s mind long after the last page has been turned.

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