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Summer / Fall 2007


Lazy Eye  by  Jay Black


Lazy Eye

By Jay Black


It's your lazy eye


In Defence of Italy: Il Mio Paese, Right or Wrong!  by  Alberto Mario DeLogu

The Last Word

In Defence of Italy: Il Mio Paese, Right or Wrong!

By Alberto Mario DeLogu


I remember very well when I fist arrived in Canada. I remember spending several months painstakingly and implacably pinpointing every single apparent short-coming, every fault, and every inconsistency of the "best country in the world.". Read More...


 lasso the moon  by  Domenico Capilongo


lasso the moon

By Domenico Capilongo


what is it you want?


Salvatore Bancheri: Building on the Concept of Community  by  Venera Fazio


Salvatore Bancheri: Building on the Concept of Community

By Venera Fazio


When Salvatore Bancheri talks about his position as Director of the Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies at the University of Toronto, his voice radiates enthusiasm and intensity. He is sure about his vision and what he wants to accomplish... Read More...


The Blue House  by  Delia De Santis


The Blue House

By Delia De Santis


The man opens his eyes and sees the boy. He has come to sit beside him on the bench. "You were sleeping," says the boy. He's about four or five. "No... no... just resting my eyes." Read More...


The Disappearing Sicily  by  Maria Francesca LoDico


The Disappearing Sicily

By Maria Francesca LoDico


Papa holds me in his arms, one hand against my tummy, thumb spread wide like a pressure point centring the embrace.Part of me is twisted around to face the camera, my left arm Read More...


The Watts Towers  by  Kenneth Scambray


The Watts Towers

By Kenneth Scambray


Baldassare Forestiere's solitary life and Underground Gardens (see Accenti, Spring 2007) in many respects contrasted with the communal lives of Fresno Italians at the time. Rodia's life and towers,.. Read More...


Vinitaly: Experiencing the Fine Wines of Italy  by  Antonio Mauriello

Art of Living

Vinitaly: Experiencing the Fine Wines of Italy

By Antonio Mauriello


I am excited and delighted to be in Verona once again – the romantic medieval city of Romeo and Juliet – in the heart of the Veneto region, where the Adige River flows smoothly under Read More...


Accenti Awards  by  Licia Canton

From the Editor

Accenti Awards

By Licia Canton


Accenti Magazine's big event happens every year in the spring. It's a time for writers, readers and Accenti supporters to come together for refreshments and listen to stories. Winning stories!... Read More...


About the Cover  by  Domenic Cusmano


About the Cover

By Domenic Cusmano


The choice of Rome's Colosseum as one of the "seven new wonders of the world" by some 100 million voters world wide opens the door to musings about the meaning of such a choice.. Read More...


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