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Winter 2007


Keeping It Together  by  Licia Canton

The Last Word

Keeping It Together

By Licia Canton


How many women out there will show their vulnerability, risk putting themselves front and centre, unmasked? Read More...


Cattivo Ragazzino  by  Jay Black


Cattivo Ragazzino

By Jay Black


Mid-afternoon rays fell through the bay


The Fourth Wife  by  Edward Fiorelli


The Fourth Wife

By Edward Fiorelli


To look at Uncle Enzo you'd be hard pressed to believe that this short mild-mannered fellow who liked to make pasta sauce in the middle of the night dressed only in his underwear had already killed three wives... Read More...


 Viaggio nel sogno  by  Pietro Corsi


Viaggio nel sogno

By Pietro Corsi


Affacciato al balcone della mia infanzia, vedo una lunga vallata verde: si insinua, come coda diserpente, tra le gole delle montagne che con incomparabile armonia si slavano fin sulla linea dellontano orizzonte.... Read More...


Old-World Tradition, New-World Living  by  Carolyne Van Der Meer


Old-World Tradition, New-World Living

By Carolyne Van Der Meer


If someone asked me what I've been asking people for the past week, I know what I would say. Am I Dutch first or Canadian? Well, Canadian of course, but I am proud of my Dutch name Read More...


 On Leave-Takings and Monuments  by  Darlene Madott


On Leave-Takings and Monuments

By Darlene Madott


No one leaves country, home, all he has loved, unless driven by a powerful necessity. In the case of my people, it was poverty that compelled my maternal grandparents from Sicily Read More...


I'll Be Home for Dinner, Mamma, non preoccuparti!  by  Ray Culos


I'll Be Home for Dinner, Mamma, non preoccuparti!

By Ray Culos


An air of excitement permeated the Gazzola household that spring day in April 1943. Olivio was about to take leave of his parents at the family home perched unobtrusively in the pastoral setting of San Martino di Lupari. Read More...


 Baldassare Forestiere's Underground Gardens  by  Kenneth Scambray


Baldassare Forestiere's Underground Gardens

By Kenneth Scambray


Baldassare Forestiere's Underground Gardens is a work of art that expresses the conflicted andoften bifurcating experience of Italian immigration to America. Under a ten-acre parcel of land. Read More...


Amare l'amaro Amarone: Un Viaggio Istruttivo in Valpolicella  by  Antonio Mauriello

Art of Living

Amare l'amaro Amarone: Un Viaggio Istruttivo in Valpolicella

By Antonio Mauriello


Un viaggio "vinicolo" in Valpolicella è senza dubbio uno dei più vari e ricchi di emozioni. Se svolto poi alla ricerca di produttori e di stili di vinificazione, diventa una vera e propria "chicca del sapere." Read More...


 Amare l'amaro Amarone: A Journey into Valpolicella  by  Antonio Mauriello

Art of Living

Amare l'amaro Amarone: A Journey into Valpolicella

By Antonio Mauriello


Valpolicella is definitely one of the most complicated wine-producing areas, and can only be fully understood if explored in person. Read More...


Visiting the Old Town  by  Domenic Cusmano

Bel Paese

Visiting the Old Town

By Domenic Cusmano


Last October was the first time I visited Italy in the fall. In my previous journeys, five in all, I had gone in the spring or summer – beaches, mountains, sunshine, suffocating heat, Read More...


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