Summer/Fall 2008





Capturing an Italian Moment



by Nicola Colarusso



Italy, August 2006: It had been 26 years since I’d last visited the country of my ancestors, and from the look of things, not much had changed. When I think of Italy, I think of Margherita pizza, the Vespa, catholic churches, the town piazza and August 15, the date which marks the beginning of Italian holidays. All these things were abundantly present during our trip.


But if anything has changed in Italy over the last few years, it is the way Italians have taken to the mobile phone, the telefonino. Virtually every Italian we met had one – regardless of age, gender or occupation.


Italians are known to have the gift of gab, but what is striking is the popularity of texting. Upon reflection, it should not be surprising that Italians love to text. After all, don’t we Italians love to speak with our hands?


Italy has a population of approximately 60 million; according to 2006 statistics there are 74.5 million mobile phone subscribers in Italy, which translates into 128 percent of the population!


During our month-long trip, which took us from Rome to Sicily, I was looking for the perfect picture which would depict what Italy is today. Towards the end of our trip we visited the ruins of Pompeii and, while strolling down a deserted street, I noticed a monk talking on a cell phone as he walked along. Well, what can be more Italian in the new Italy than a man of the cloth talking on a mobile phone. I quickly snapped the picture and forgot about it until 2007 when Accenti announced its photo contest. 


My children and I were looking through the photos of our trip, when we came across the picture. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the monk (who has a shaved head) was walking past a hair salon. That is when I realized that this picture was truly an “Italian moment.” Style, religion and the telefonino – what Italy today is all about!

  Accenti About the Cover Capturing an Italian Moment Nicola Colarusso

I would be remiss if I did not thank my parents for having bought me my first camera, and my wife and kids for encouraging me to pursue my hobby. And thank you to Accenti for giving its readers the opportunity to express themselves through pictures and the written word.



Nicola Colarusso is a certified general accountant working for the Canada Revenue Agency. He lives in St. Leonard with his wife Anna and children, Danika and Anthony. A graduate of Concordia University, his proudest photographic work was volunteering his services for a calendar shoot to raise funds for breast cancer research. He donated his $1000 prize to the urology and oncology departments of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital.



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